Diamond Wealth Management

DIamond Wealth Management

Diamond Wealth Management is the result of a 14 year evolution of an independent firm previously named WallStreet Wealth Management. The firm was established in 1997 and primarily focused on managed money. Staci Scharadin, CEO joined WallStreet in 2000, over the next 7 years, she evolved the practice into a full service Wealth Management firm and became a recognizable brand in the local market. In 2007, Staci purchased the firm from the founder. The opportunity to rebrand the firm and escalate the WallStreet name presented itself when we moved to Southwest corner of the valley. “Diamond” from the ancient Greek adámas “unbreakable”, represents both the quality of our firm and the commitment to our clients and the industry, thus “Diamond Wealth Management” was born. Over the years, Diamond has expanded with the most recent addition of Shanna J. Kehoe, Sr. Wealth Advisor and an excellent set of client service staff to support our mission “To be Your Advisor For Life”

What We Do

At Diamond Wealth Management we understand that each client’s financial situation and goals require a customized approach to investing, and that many investment objectives can change over time. We address the issues that most successful families encounter included but not limited to:

  • Financial Planning​
  • Investment Management 
  • Retirement Plan Selection
  • Tax Planning​
  • Executive Compensation
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Business Exit Planning
  • Corporate Benefit issues
  • Education Planning & Gifting
  • Banking & Credit Management 
  • Asset Titling & Protection
  • Charitable Giving
  • Distribution of Estate issues 
6910 S. Cimarron Rd. Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Phone: 702-405-0415

Fax: 702-451-8109

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