Success Development Solutions – What Does Success Mean To You?

Do you remember that magical feeling when you were a little kid that you just knew you were going to be successful? Then, as you grow up, you realize what you thought would be success isn’t all sunshine and rainbows?

Meet Amber Fuhriman, an immigration and criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas and the founder of Success Development Solutions.

Like most of us, she had BIG dreams as a kid. As a first generational college student from a small town in Idaho, she was no stranger to grief and loss at a young age. After the sudden loss of her father when she was 17, Amber overcame significant personal challenges to build a career as a successful attorney.

Despite all her professional success, Amber hit the wall that many career professionals know all too well. Her inner child, who wanted nothing more than to be successful, felt like such a failure. Where was the fulfillment and happiness the money and achievements were supposed to bring? When did all the hard work pay off? When did the pain, grief, and heartache she had been trying to outrun go away? How could someone with such success on the outside, feel so empty on the inside?

To answer these questions, Amber started to learn more about how our minds work.  She dug into the science behind the impact of our experiences and generational beliefs on our view of the world and our perception of our success within it.  Most importantly, she started to find herself again. Amber is person – not just the lawyer.

Amber realized that her own anxieties and fears were created by not defining HER idea of success. If a person doesn’t know what success means to them, how could they possibly achieve it? Without a clear individual definition of success, a person’s accomplishments lead a life of ambiguous short-term goal setting instead of the life of impact and legacy most of us strive to achieve.

“I believe we don’t find success, we create it, by intentionally designing the life we want and having the courage to get out of our comfort zone to live that design.”

Over the past five years, Amber has become a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and gained accolades in the business world, not just the corporate world. She was featured on the cover of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine, spoken on national stages in both the legal world and the business one, and has run several highly rated events in Las Vegas.

Amber founded Success Development Solutions in 2019 to help business owners, entrepreneurs and service-based professionals find the success their careers have failed to bring. Through individual and group coaching, mastermind and live events, speaking, and NLP Training, she helps her clients find work-life harmony and build a professional life that supports their personal one.

You can learn more about Amber, her coaching opportunities, listen to her podcast or simply connect with another Las Vegas local business owner at


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