Guadalupe “Gigi” Gastelum

Winner of the “25th 2019 SILVER STATE AWARDS” BEST of the BEST Realtor award recipient Guadalupe “GG” has over 16 years in the Real Estate Industry and 7 of those years as a property manager. 

“I will never get tired of my passion for Real Estate or will I forget how I started.” -GG

At 15 years old she was working as an appointment setter for a residential loan company, and just fell in love with Real Estate at that point.

“GG” realized through the years that there was a need in the Real Estate Industry to service business owners, and to bring a superior level of service to all clients and their name says it all!

They are the Advent of Real Estate with professionals in each department that specialize in their industry.

Advent Realty Group provides Professional Business Brokerage, Commercial Leasing and Sales, Property Management, and Superior Residential Services. Their separate departments enable clients to strategize their business and investments to be better positioned for the future.

“GG,” also a mother of 6 kids, a golden retriever and a bichon fries, loves spending time with her family and enjoying to its’ fullest. 

“We care because it’s your future, your retirement, your life and we understand the importance of family and home…” -GG


Phone: (702) 826 – 2277