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MYVEGAS Magazine is the ultimate local publication in Las Vegas. For 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to covering community events, networking mixers, local expos, charities, and more. Our focus is on the Vegas lifestyle, from dining and shopping to family entertainment and personal health. With seasonal articles and local contributions, we keep you updated on what’s new and exciting in the city.

Las Vegas, a city of evolution and change, welcomes millions of travelers while cherishing its residents. As local publishers, we’ve combined the essence of several publications into one, making MYVEGAS Magazine your go-to guide for all things Vegas.

MYVEGAS Magazine is dedicated to locals, striving to consistently bring you the most relevant and current content. With 20 years of experience as local publishers, you might recognize our previous publications like The Best Restaurant Guide, Las Vegas Home & Garden, Today’s Health Magazine, Dine Out, and Las Vegas Woman. Now, we’ve combined all these locally focused publications into one magazine, becoming your go-to guide for all things Las Vegas.

Every season, MYVEGAS Magazine brings you the latest news and info on what’s hot in our city. From “From the Mayor’s Desk” to “Reader’s Choice,” we cater to locals with relevant topics. Our “My Business” section helps your company thrive in the current economic climate. Emphasizing your interests, kids, life, entertainment, health, and Vegas, MYVEGAS Magazine is all about you, the Las Vegas local.

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