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Cap and Kudler

Cap and Kudler was founded in 2004 by Allen A. Cap and Donald C. Kudler, two experienced Las Vegas attorneys who had worked for many years at the firm of Albert D. Massi in the areas of personal injury, general civil litigation and business transactions.

Allen A. Cap has nearly 30 years of experience representing injured people, with particular focus in medical malpractice and products liability litigation. An athlete and former competitive bodybuilder, Mr. Cap earned a Masters degree in Scientific Basis of Physical Education. He was on track for a career as a chiropractor when he decided to go to law school. His experience as a health and physical education teacher, gymnastics coach and athlete gives him a unique understanding of how his client’s injuries affect their ability to heal and move forward with their lives after a serious accident.

Donald Kudler has represented clients for almost 20 years in most areas of the law including personal injury, medical and legal malpractice, estate planning, employment and contract law. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Kudler has an MBA degree and an extensive business and consulting experience that allows him to understand the unique needs and concerns of the firm’s business clients.

The firm of Cap and Kudler provides comprehensive representation in personal injury, civil litigation, commercial transactions, contracts, business litigation and traffic litigation.

Specifically, the firm:

  • Represents plaintiffs in personal injury claims and actions including automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, and assault and battery cases
  • Represents plaintiffs in insurance and bad faith litigation
  • Represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation including contracts, business, real estate and collections;
  • Writes and amends wills
  • Represents heirs in probate matters
  • Prepares and files corporation papers, acts as registered agents for corporations and represents corporations and other business in transactional and litigation matters
  • Represents defendants in traffic litigation

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Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 878-8778
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