Staging with Sasha Good

Sasha Good is the owner of Design by Sasha, an award winning boutique interior design firm, and offers clients a one stop shop for everything interior design, from staging to full remodel renovations.

This talented and smart business owner has already been on covers on magazines and received awards for best interior designer and now she is adding selling homes to her list. 

Sasha is an expert on staging luxury homes and truly enjoys the staging process. Taking an ordinary house and transforming it into a beautiful one that potential buyers can see themselves living it, all just from staging. The difference it makes shows up when clients first walk through the home, and even might add more to the sale price. She has witnessed realtors sell homes for so much more money because the home was staged.  

Recalling the beginning of her career, she would have to beg realtors to let her stage homes. Today, on average, for a $10,000 investment for staging, you would get around $50,000 in return, and charges most of the amount at the end of the sale. This way, the homeowner has minimal expenses upfront. The realtor makes a faster sale, and the homeowner gets more money for his house. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

One thing Sasha learned early on in her career is that everybody wants a good deal. That is where the idea blossomed of staging a home for free if her team could sell the listing. Sasha is proud to announce her partnership with Jason Abrams of EXP Realty. “Together, we have vast experience in remodeling, designing and selling homes. We are excited about our new venture and we are happy to offer people something nobody yet has done before,” says Sasha. “We are basically giving sellers a $10,000 gift for free and getting them top dollar for selling their house in record time, if they list their home with us.” 

Sasha would like to encourage everybody who is thinking about selling a home to give her a call for a free consultation. No need to look for individuals to get your house prepped to put on the market.

Just give Sasha a call and she will do it all! (702) – 337 – 8553. 

Visit her website

“List your home with me and I will stage if for Free!”

~ Sasha Good 


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