Real Estate Experts Anticipate Mortgage Rate Changes Post Presidential Election

Las Vegas (Oct. 21 2020) Kamelia Kohlmeier is an expert residential realtor with Winning Realty in Las Vegas. She has been researching mortgage rates and refinance rates for both her company and her clients and has found one clear trend: Experts and real estate analysts predict lower rates if Trump wins and slightly higher rates if Biden wins.
“Presidents don’t set mortgage rates” states Kohlmeier. “ However, they do set the tone for the economy which has an indirect effect on whether mortgage rates rise or fall”.
Rick Sharq is the executive Vice President of Realty Trac. He states “ A second Trump term will likely see very similar policies to what we saw in the first term: less regulatory control and tax incentives to stimulate real estate. His mortgage rate prediction if Trump wins : 3.25% .
Kamelia Kohlmeier states “ If Joe Biden is elected, this would make buying a home somewhat more expensive for most people, but might also provide affordable rental properties to people currently burdened .” Kohlmeier also states “ It’s also likely that Biden would reinstate some of the regulations and consumer protections in the financial industry that had been eliminated over the past few years.” Her mortgage thoughts if Biden wins: 3.5 %
*Anticipations are simply opinions based on reliable market analysis.