Dr. Charles E. Ruggeorli MD FACC FSCAI FASNC – Cardiology Specialist

Charles E. Ruggeroli, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FASNC

“I was drawn to cardiovascular medicine by the profound influence my father had on my life. He was a cardiologist…and my biggest role model. I learned from him the value and importance of helping others and making a personal commitment to doing things as well as they can be done.

Today, the compassion, focus and dedication that I bring to every person in my care are the result of seeing how my dad was able to make a difference in so many lives. These values are also the keys to appropriate care and excellent outcomes.

I’ve always liked the aspects of cardiology in which a problem can be directly resolved by performing a procedure. But this is only part of good medicine, along with accurate diagnosis, careful medical management, etc.

Yet, the most important aspect is that I’m treating people, not disorders or disease. They have concerns and fears and lives to lead. So the quality of my care depends also on information and, most of all, the compassion and human touch that we all want and deserve.”


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