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Adam Muslusky, owner of Muslusky Law and top specialist attorney for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation, has been assisting and serving clients for over a decade and a half now. He began his career after graduating from U.C. Riverside with a Political Science degree and served as both a paralegal and law clerk for an eminent construction defect law firm in San Diego, California. There is where his interest sparked in helping and legally fighting for those who were unwarrantedly injured in preventable cases and went on to attend graduate school at the University of San Diego. Shortly after, he graduated law school from California Western School of Law and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000 to further his career.

Adam is known for his vast knowledge of Workers’ Compensation cases and has won several Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation settlements since the beginning of 2000. With several years of practice and won cases under his belt, he decided to open his own firm and practice in 2014 to continue representing those who are injured on the job and/or due to negligence. His expertise lies in wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, slip, trip and fall accidents, and has won several prominent cases in each of these practices.

Personal Injury Settlements
A personal injury case is when one person suffers harm or injury from an accident that may be due to someone else’s negligence and/or fault. Any personal injury case can be resolved through a formal lawsuit or informal settlement. A Formal Lawsuit is when an injured individual decides to file a civil complaint of negligence or irresponsibly against a corporation, business, agency, or another person that may be involved with the injured individual’s accident. An Informal Settlement is a form of negotiation with both parties, and their attorneys and insurers, involved. This ends with a written agreement which comprises of both sides forgoing filing a lawsuit (or taking further action) and resolving the issue/situation through the payment of money. Adam is experienced in both areas and can walk you through each process. Some cases he has won includes:

$1,500,000.00: multiple back surgeries due to motor vehicle accident
$500,000.00 head injury due to motor vehicle accident
$400,000.00 (policy limits): neck surgery due to sideswipe motor vehicle accident
$350,000.00 neck surgery due to motor vehicle accident
$317,000.00 Broken pelvis due to motor vehicle accident

Workers’ Compensation Settlements
Workers’ Compensation provides employees injured during the course of employment with wage replacement and medical benefits. It is also a state-mandated insurance program, however, varies depending on each individual state. Generally, it does not matter who is at fault, whether it’s the employee, employer, or a third party and compensation is distrusted to the injured. When it is not, that’s when attorneys can get involved and Adam Muslusky has worked many cases to ensure injured employees are given their rightful benefits and compensation, such as his cases:

$135,000.00-Lumbar spine fusion
$133,000.00—Cervical spine fusion
$127,000.00—Lumbar spine fusion
$118,000.00 –Cervical spine fusion and TMJ
$80,000.00—Cervical spine fusion


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