Global CBD

Global CBD

Global CBD offers premium products with 99% Pure Cannabidiol, No THC, Non GMO, organically grown agricultural hemp. Tinctures, vapor, salves, massage oil, pet nano & more!

Why Global CBD?

Our CBD OIL and Extracts comes from organically grown, male, agriculture hemp stocks and stems, derived from the raw product and 99% pure with NO THC. The hemp is then CO2 super critically extracted to organically get the CBD out of the plant.

We are known for our Nano CBD product line. Since CBD is a multi-molecule cluster, our nano products have the CBD clusters separated and spun into individual Nano molecules, making the product much more Bioavailable and easily absorbed. A Nano product of 150 mg is equal to or equivalent of 1,500 mg of other products. Thus making the suggested service size much less.

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