Matzinger Institute of Healing

People often ask me, “How did I come up with the idea of Matzinger Institute of Healing?  My response, “because of my son, we ran out of options with conventional medicine and I was not going to give up until he was healed.” My son, Harley, was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome.  Angelman Syndrome is a condition in which there are deletions on chromosome 15; the result of this genetic mutation manifests as developmental delays in language and motor skills.   There are significant neurological dysfunctions, which impact his health, normal daily functions, and seizures. 

At the age of 6.5 years, Harley was challenged with uncontrollable seizures.  I followed the conventional medical standards for treatment and Harley was placed on multiple medications with no benefit of resolving the seizures.  In addition, Harley suffered several adverse and detrimental reactions from the medications.  Harley was significantly deteriorating, unable to function and dying in front of us.  Desperate to save our son, I chose to step outside of the realm of conventional medicine for a treatment.  Our searches lead us to Lipid therapies (PK Protocol) developed to stabilize cell membranes and transform the outcomes of multiple medical conditions.  Within 72 hours of using the Lipid therapies along with placing Harley on a specific eating plan and oral supplements, Harley seizures ceased and all medications were discontinued.  This life-altering event occurred in Jan 2011 and to date, Harley remains seizure medication free. 

As a result of my quest to save our son and circumvent the pitfalls of conventional treatments, the Matzinger Institute of Healing was born.  The practice of MIH is to recreate total health by improving the immune system and decreasing inflammation. MIH utilizes Epigenetics and state-of-the-art membrane treatments with an emphasis on the gut-brain connection. Membrane medicine targets the root causes of ailments on a cellular level by balancing cell membrane fatty acids. Groundbreaking treatments targeting membrane fatty acids include IV lipid infusions, Bio-Medical Lipid Colon Cleanses and infrared sauna sessions, alongside nutritional balance and detoxification. Finally, treating the root cause of medical conditions leads to a more natural physiological resolution. 

Dr. Matzinger’s career began in 1987 upon receiving her Medical Degree from Wright State University School of Medicine. Completing her Internal Medicine Residency Program in 1990 at the Kettering Medical Center provided the basis for Dr. Matzinger’s study in Internal Medicine followed by Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. As a Diplomat of both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, she has worked diligently to be at the forefront of her specialty.  Dr. Matzinger’s career has been honored numerous times throughout the five states she is licensed to practice 

Dr. Matzinger is also a proud member and leader of her community, serving as a Board Member of the Henderson Chamber of CommerceRecently, Dr. Matzinger was named one of 2017 Top Doctors in Las Vegas.  When finding time to focus on herself, Dr. Matzinger enjoys participating in bodybuilding competitions where she has placed first in 2014 and fourth in 2016. 

Please visit for more information about MIH and Dr. Carolyn Matzinger. 


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