Ask The Mayor

Q: What new changes can we expect with the developmental approval of Downtown’s Symphony Park?  

A: We have grand plans for Symphony Park as it proves to be the real estate crown jewel of Las Vegas. Recently Council approved two agreements for new mixed-use residential and retail developments from investors of Tennessee and Texas. Also approved was a plan to build a new boutique hotel adjacent to the Smith Center of Performing Arts. Additionally plans are ongoing by downtown casino mogul Derek Stevens for the two parcels he owns on the Northeast end of the property, the only parcels designated for a hotel-casino on the contiguous site.  

Q: With so many readers stating that the Opioid addiction here locally has impacted their lives in such a significant and hurtful way, what is Las Vegas doing to help with the nationwide Opioid addiction as well as here in Las Vegas on a local level? 

A: I encourage everyone to watch the special on the Opioid crisis, filmed and produced by the City’s KCLV Channel 2. The special takes a close look at how addiction to prescription pain pills and heroin use have become epidemic across the country and is increasing here in southern Nevada. The City in its investigative assessment of the issue continues to seek comprehensive and accurate information before addressing final ways to attack the myriad and complex problem.  We have been at the forefront in participating in discussions in public meetings, meeting with members of the medical and healthcare sectors, and discussing the multi-faceted problem with members of both our State and Federal governments.    

Q: With the amount of traffic that travels on the I-15 to and from Las Vegas to California and the amount of tourism that this brings to our city, we recently heard a conversation that you had with the press regarding the funding of widening the I-15 from Las Vegas to California. Can we anticipate seeing construction taking place anytime soon? 

A: I certainly hope so. The bottleneck is between Stateline and Barstow in California. I have had ongoing passionate conversations with the former and current Secretaries of Transportation (Presidents Obama and Trump), with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and NDOT/CALTRANS about this issue.  The horrible congestion in that 115 mile stretch of freeway negatively affects the economy of the entire country for freight, goods, and produce from the harbors of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego need to move into the nation.  The I-15 connects into the I-70, the I-40, and the I-10 so I am hopeful that we can push this forward SOON. There is too much money involved for this not to happen. 

Q: This spring issue we feature the 2018 Top 100 Women of the Year and although there are many strong and talented women in our community, is there any woman in specific that you feel deserves this recognition and why? 

A: There are so many outstanding women in this community. I would have a hard time picking one or two to single out. Obviously, you have the same issue since your list is 100 women long and could easily be 200. I would be remiss if I did not mention Barbara Atkinson, the founding dean of the UNLV School of Medicine. Dr. Atkinson has the vision that is going to result in our city educating great doctors who will choose to live and work here. Soon we will have a beautiful new medical school located in the heart of the Las Vegas Medical District that will be the home for our medical educators and students. 


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