Right Lawyers

Right Lawyers

WRONG Marriage, RIGHT Lawyers

Four attorneys, two locations, one goal. To help clients with their divorce or child custody issue.

Over the last 14 years, Stacy has handled hundreds of divorce trials and custody hearings. Her experience means she has argued both sides of virtually every dispute in family court. This experience, in addition to her tendency to over prepare, makes her one of the best divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.

Laura is a second generation Las Vegas native. Going through a divorce herself, Laura has an intimate understanding of both the legal and emotional sides of divorce. Couple that with 12 years of experience and you have one of the best divorce lawyers in Las Vegas.

After earning degrees in philosophy and physics, Philip decided the next “logical” step was a law degree. While attending UNLV Boyd School of Law, he chose to study in divorce and family law. He feels he can make the biggest positive impact through helping couples in need of legal guidance.

As the daughter of a public defender and divorce attorney, Sonya always knew she was born to become a lawyer. She developed her interest for divorce during an internship with her law professor. Now with 10 years of experience in family law, Sonya has developed an talent, and expertise in divorce, and custody disputes.

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