Mario Basner Gallerie

Mario Basner Gallerie

Award winning photographer Mario Basner was born in Hamburg, Germany and is renowned for the realism and depth in his photographs. Mario is a purist who intuitively captures the essence of what’s before him. His works provide the viewer with a unique experience, invoking thought and stimulation the senses.

Mario always loved photography and used his camera primarily as a creative outlet and a source of balance. When he opened a custom B&W dark room business in Los Angeles in 2002, the desire to express his own thoughts and vision grew substantially and some of his renowned clients became mentors in developing and shaping his abilities and style. Mario went on to photograph commercial assignments, editorial work and operated a portrait studio for several years. His work has been published in numerous magazines in the US and Europe.

When Mario discovered a historic, abandoned site through an internet article, he had finally found his voice and his purpose, without realizing it at the time. Mario was immediately compelled to travel to Europe and photograph the site. His applications for a photography permit were denied multiple times but eventually the owner of the property took a liking to his determination and invited Mario to document the site. Upon his arrival it became apparent that he had found something very special. The sheer size and overwhelming impressions required a very different approach than he had expected which led to a second visit 7 months later.

After a 2 year testing & developing phase, the final images have now been manifested in stunning printed pieces which convey an unparalleled depth, dimension and sense of realism. This powerful, compelling image series is the first installment of Mario’s “World Heritage Collection”  

400 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite #150

Las Vegas NV, 89145

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