Matzinger Institute of Healing

matzinger institute of healing

The Matzinger Institute of Healing is a Henderson-based medical center established with the goal of revolutionizing health care around the globe. MIH provides a Total Body Wellness Program with a functional and metabolic approach. While modern medicine leans toward treating the symptoms of conditions adversely affecting health, Dr. Carolyn Matzinger founded MIH to get to the root cause of medical ailments and circumvent the pitfalls of conventional treatments.

The principle idea of MIH is to recreate total health and improve the immune system with a holistic approach that uses state-of-the-art membrane treatments with an emphasis on the gut-brain connection. Membrane medicine targets the root causes of ailments on a cellular level by balancing cell membrane fatty acids. These fatty acids are the building blocks on the borders of every cell in the human body. Treatments targeting membrane fatty acids include IV lipid infusions, plasma facials, infrared sauna sessions and other groundbreaking membrane methods alongside nutritional balance and detoxification. By using a comprehensive and holistic approach, healing at MIH proceeds without the need for multiple drug prescriptions which can often lead to harmful chemical interactions. Finally, treating the root cause of medical conditions leads to a more natural physiological resolution.

At MIH, people are approached as individuals with particular needs, not just patients. Everyone is treated with a tailored total healing approach for the radical transformation of mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

3031 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 120

Henderson, NV 89052


Tel: 702.778.6100

Fax: 702.778.6101

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Fax: 702.778.6101

3031 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy S

uite 120, Henderson, NV 890523031 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 120, Henderson, NV 890523031 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 120, Henderson, NV 89052