The Art of Willpower

The Art of Willpower

Tsikki Thau

Holistic Consultant, Author, & Life Strategist

Discover the power of your own willpower!  Learn how to harness your innate brilliance and manifest your highest potential through the art of willpower!

Everyone has free will and the ability to turn that will into brilliant power!  That is the definition of willpower.

With summer nearing, it’s an important time to shape up your mind and not just your body.  So how do you get your mind in shape?  With positive commands, mind-over-body techniques, clear intentions, sticking to one or more daily tasks, staying motivated regardless of everyday struggles, getting inspired, and helping others.

  • Wake up every morning with a Yes! Repeat the word YES!

 Yes, it’s that easy and lets you know that you’re alive, no matter what situation you are in and that you are still capable of achieving success.  This alone can change your state of mind and create a powerful change.

  • Evaluate what you want to achieve this summer and set clear intentions.
  • Then once you are clear, you can set obtainable goals.

For example;

If you would like to save a large amount of money this year, limit your favorite daily indulgence to once a week.  Now celebrate how much you save every week.  This is your “baby win” and will keep you inspired and motivated to keep going.  Use determination, and remember your willpower is an innate and brilliant gift that lies within you.  Use it!

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“I am not then, I am NOW”

~Love Tsikki