You Make Me Feel So Young

YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG – Dr Edward Zimmerman

By Jennifer Miller-Gonzales

When people look in the mirror they want to be happy with what they see.  If they are not happy, they want to know what they could do to change it.

That’s where Dr. Edward Zimmerman comes in.

At Las Vegas Laser and Lipo, they specialize in procedures like Laser Lipo Body Sculpting, Natural Augmentation through Fat Transfer, Microdermabrasion, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to name just a few.

They also do filler injections, facelifts and neck liftseyelid lifts and forehead lifts.  There is a numerous scope of options for procedures.

Las Vegas is the epicenter for looking good and many people don’t just want to socially but also have jobs in an industry that rely on appearance. It is imperative they look their best as their income depends on it.

Practice Administrator, Marilyn Zimmerman elaborated on certain procedures.

“Liposuction is not limited to just tummies but also the neck and arms.  They also can do volume correction in the face.  Clients will come in with pictures when they were younger and Dr. Zimmerman can get them close to their youthful image,” Marilyn said.  “For the fat transfer procedure it is common for women to transfer from butt to breast and mothers come in and take the fat from tummy or thighs to put in the top portion from the deflated areas of their chest.”

MYVEGAS Magazine publisher, Mark Shaffer wanted a procedure like this for ten years.  Marilyn noticed immediately that Mark had a lot of energy and was full of life.  He expressed to her there was so much he wanted to do and even with a music he felt he needed to look better.

For ten years Mark had wanted to have a procedure and each year that passed his exterior did not match his heart.  Eight years after the wrong marriage, Mark was free to make himself happy.  Thanks to a billboard that got Mark’s attention, he decided to schedule a consultation.

“I was extremely impressed with the office and the professionalism of the entire staff.  Marilyn made a presentation that explained the entire process from pre-op, surgery and recovery.”  After seeking credentials and with more than enough positive reviews Mark still had one trepidation.  

“My biggest fear was wondering if it would really work and remove the bags from under my eyes” Mark said. Today, he is more than happy about the procedure and even performed at Blue Martini the following week.

“Not only did it give me the results I wanted, everyone around me noticed as well.  Within the first year all my friends told me ‘You look younger every time I see you.’ I received more compliments in that first year than I had in the last ten years on my appearance.  It gave me more confidence, it made me feel better about myself and I knew I did the right thing.”

Clinical psychologists say people do better in life when they look better which in turn makes people feel better.  Marilyn said all the feedback from patients are always positive.

“People are in tears after laser resurfacing. Because they look like what they did in 20 years ago. The common statement is ‘You make me feel so young!’ as they are hugging Dr. Zimmerman.  When you help someone achieve a goal they naturally feel good about themselves. It improves how they see the world and how people see them.”


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