RX For a Lasting Relationship in Las Vegas

RX For a Lasting Relationship in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, you’re more likely to think of one-night stands and fly-by-night marriages than deep, long-lasting relationships. However, although there might be some challenges unique to living in Las Vegas, it is definitely possible to begin and maintain an enduring relationship in this town.

The key to any relationship is trust, and you have to especially be trusting living in a place where sex sells. It’s not unusual for the locals to hit up the local gentlemen’s bars or hotel pool parties, where everyone is scantily clad and alcohol is freely flowing.  Bars and nightclubs are open until the sun comes up, so there’s definitely more potential to get into trouble, if you’re the party type.  It’s definitely important to be respectful or your partner on your boys’ or girls’ nights on The Strip, and it’s equally as important to give your partner his or her space to have fun with friends.

One of the wonderful things about Las Vegas is that it happens to be a city with a great deal of job opportunities for young women.  Your girlfriend might be paid to be a high roller’s arm candy while he’s playing blackjack or to simply to sit and look beautiful at someone’s table at a nightclub.  This might be hard for any boyfriend or husband to accept, but in Vegas, you can’t be jealous. You have to let your girl make her money.

Many women in this city are promo models who get hit on literally hundreds of times a day. And it’s not only the women who are objectified here. Men are expected to be eye candy as well—there are countless male models, dancers and shirtless bartenders around town. That being said, it’s not only the models who work odd jobs; many Vegas locals work in the casinos, which often require employees to work the graveyard shift. Your significant other could be a lounge singer, a bottle-service girl, a card dealer, or even a cast member of a Vegas show.  What happens if you work a 9-to-5?  Obviously it’s better if both partners are on the same schedule, but if that’s not possible, it is crucial set aside some quality time for each other.  Arranging a date night once a week is equally as vital as getting your hustle on, if you want your relationship to last.

There definitely are some advantages to settling down in Las Vegas. There is always so much to see and do in this city that you will never run out of date ideas. Vegas is a city of luxury and extravagance, so you can really go above and beyond when courting your significant other.  And if you’re more of a hole-in-the-wall, down to Earth type, there are plenty of places for you off The Strip. Additionally, the cost of real estate is much cheaper in Vegas than in most other major cities. So, you and your loved ones can live in a much more spacious and beautiful home than you could, in say, Los Angeles.

Las Vegas is a very special place, and it might not seem like a place for sustaining true love, but not only can you create an exciting relationship here, you can create a lasting one. It’s imperative to keep a sense of normalcy in this crazy town. And above all, love each other, support each other, and have each other’s back like no other.

The truth of the matter is, love is a gamble anywhere, not just Las Vegas.

Amy is a life and relationship coach. For more information please visit www.lovesexandmiracles.