Park on Fremont

Park on Fremont

If you are wondering where we will be on Tuesdays, Thursday nights, on the weekends, and perhaps every moment in between, you can find us all summer long basking in the good life at Park on Fremont.

The rustic versatile restaurant and bar located in the heart of the revitalized Fremont East Entertainment District, transforms seamlessly between weekend brunch, mid-week lunch, after-work happy hour and late-night bar scene. The hostesses, servers and the bartenders (all clad in stylish plaid shirts and coy suspenders) welcome you with smiles, quick wits and stiff drinks.

Park on Fremont is a whimsical wonderland of delightful art and oddities including: thought provoking chalkboard messages at the entrance, an antelope sculpture with machine gun antlers by artist Peter Gronquist, a 1960’s-era juke box, and a chandelier hallway. The hidden gem of Park is their back patio. A bright and bountiful garden by floral and garden designer Victoria Hogan of Flora Pop sets the stage for this surrealistic landscape where urban life meets nature.

Tuesday at Park is the day of tacos. American journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson once wrote “Don’t judge a taco by its price,” and you sure will be glad you didn’t form an opinion on Park’s merely by their $2 sticker! The juicy, savory Carne Asada nuggets of deliciousness are available every Tuesday from 3 to 7p.m. Pair with $1 Coronitas, and call it a day well played.

It’s no new news that Thursday is the new Friday, but at Park it is also Acoustic Patio- a night to kick back in their back patio in good company and rejuvenating vibrations. The weekly event, held every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., features local musicians, such as Matt Matelko. As for the bevy of choice, definitely the Peach Fuzz Smash by Boozologist Dan Marohnic: bourbon muddled with peaches, lemon and basil combine for a libation that tastes like a bite out of a ripe peach freshly plucked from the orchard.

Weekends at Park are filled with delightful boozy brunches. Satiate your inclination towards indulgence, without pocketbook remiss with Park’s Patio Pounder. The special is only $20 and comes with a bottle of Mumm champagne and a carafe of orange juice. Brunch items like the Morning Skillet(red potatoes, sausage, onions, peppers, cheese, salsa, topped with over easy eggs) and French Toast(vanilla bean soaked brioche, topped with drunk mixed berries, syrup and powdered sugar) are instant hangover nurses.

So now that you know where we will be all summer, can we offer you a chair to join?


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