Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation

Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation

Since its inception in 2006, Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation (NBCF)has worked to remove barriers, create solutions, and expand possibilities so that children with vision loss can achieve their full potential. NBCF was founded by Kevin and Toni Spilsbury whose son Conner, was born blind. In a city with no school for the blind, NBCF has become that resource for families to help bridge the gap between a public education and the special needs of children with visual impairments.


Children with visual impairments often miss out on educational enhancement options, are excluded from many recreational activities and traditional summer programs, and have limited physical fitness and arts opportunities. NBCF has developed educational programs and services to provide the specialized assistance these deserving children need including, after-school tutoring and enrichment programs, blind-specific technology assistance, homework support, Braille literacy, summer day camp, playgroups, blind-specific sports outings, music and art opportunities. All programs and services are offered free of charge.


The NBCF Learning Center is proud to offer high-tech, state-of-the-art blind-specific equipment and software that is readily available in our Technology Lab. A Braille resource library is also housed inside the NBCF Learning Center.


Ultimately, the goal of NBCF is the building and creation of Nevada’s first and only fully functional learning center for the blind that would give the educational support for children from birth through second grade. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could not help your child read? Children learn to read at a very early age by imitating. Children who are blind do not learn by casual observation. Parents in Nevada have little resources forblind-specific help with reading, math or technology. Without help from NBCF children may fall further behind lacking the basic fundamentals to succeed. By the time these children are in the third grade, learning becomes difficult without basic skills, and they continue to fall behind. Instruction then becomes unmanageable in secondary education and very few children who are blind graduate with regular education diplomas. With a specialized center, these children could develop the strong educational foundation that would allow them to be successful both in the classroom, and in life.


For more information about NBCF, please visit or call (702) 735-6223.


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