From the Mayor’s Desk: Ask the Mayor (with Mayor Carolyn Goodman)

Ask The Mayor My Vegas

Q: What do you think of the addition of the world’s largest Ferris wheel to the Las Vegas Strip?

A: I’m so excited about Project Linq and the High Roller coming to Las Vegas.  We are always coming up with bigger and better attractions to bring visitors to Las Vegas.  We have the best the world has to offer in fine dining, entertainment, shopping, resorts, clubs and golf, so it is only fitting that we will have this beautiful new structure gracing our skyline!  The High Roller is going to be an iconic part of Las Vegas, and I can’t wait to see the view of our city from the top.

Q: What is your favorite dish on the menu at Oscar’s restaurant?

A: I really love the prime rib.  They cook it just right, but there are other great dishes on the menu, as well.  I’m partial to the chicken and vegetable soup, which is the famous recipe from the old Alpine Village restaurant here in Las Vegas.

Q: Where will you be on New Year’s Eve this year?

A: I’m pretty easy to find on New Year’s Eve.  I always ring in the New Year on the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas with thousands of my closest friends.  Oscar and I have been celebrating by counting down the New Year downtown under the canopy since he was first elected in 1999.  We’ll visit with the crowd and have a great time celebrating what is sure to be a bright and prosperous new year for the city of Las Vegas and our residents.