From The Mayor’s Desk: Ask The Mayor

Q: Mayor, do you have any advice for how I might be successful as a single man making his way through the Las Vegas dating scene?

A: Well, having raised three really great boys here in Las Vegas who are all now happily married men, I can tell you it was not an easy task to find the “right girl” when they began to think about settling down.  I have two initial pieces of advice:  one, always be a gentleman and be yourself and don’t compromise these qualities; and second, go to places, activities and events where you might find women with similar interests, education, aspirations and appetites for what you enjoy, too.

Q: I’m concerned about the state of education in the country and here in Las Vegas. What are some changes that you think would improve the system in our community?

A: The first change l would advocate would be to divide our enormous, overburdened School District into manageable parts.  A thorough and detailed examination of the district’s budget and where dollars have been allocated are a given to be undertaken, of course.  Administrative costs no  doubt are out of line and need to be reduced for I am a firm believer that dollars need to be allocated to where there are proven to be most effective:  to attract and retain the best in faculty for every position in every classroom, k – 12.  Our goals should be to maximize the potential of each child no matter where he lives in our city or to whom he is born.  We must help develop our young people into job- and-life- competitive candidates.  Education must begin at the beginning, and early entry into the life of the child is best.  Three and four-year-olds need exposure and experiential learning opportunities, and five year olds need full-day kindergarten in which reading, writing, math and communication skills are taught and art, music, science, technology, and physical education are integrated into the day.  Kindness and courtesy must be expected, and good manners taught in a positive, encouraging environment… and these are the simple starters!

Q: I’m a working mom and sometimes I feel like I’m not making enough home-cooked meals for my children. Do you have any go to easy dinner recipes that I can make for my family?

A: One thing I always tried to do when my four were young was to make something on Sunday that would result in some leftovers during the week. You basically get two for one and sometimes I’d even get a third meal out of them.  How:  by mixing all the ingredients together with a new set of spices and a different kind of vegetable or rice, potato, or pasta.   Another great tool is a slow cooker or crock pot. You can put a roast and vegetables in before work, and it is ready to go when you get home. Another trick I still use is to prepare something easy like homemade Italian meatballs ahead of time and put them in the refrigerator. Then when I get home I simply cook up a pot of pasta, warm the meatballs in my own sauce concoction, make a salad, and we’re ready in just 20 minutes.

YOU ASK IT! Please send any questions you may have for Mayor Carolyn Goodman to: for a chance to have your questions answered by our lovely Mayor of Las Vegas!



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