The Way I See It by Dawn Gibbons

Change is always happening in our lives, communities and businesses. There have been plenty of changes in my life as there have been for most of you reading this article. For instance, I once was a public servant. Some call them politicians. Back in the day, a reporter’s call gave me angst and could make or ruin my day depending on the story. But, that was then.

Now, I work for Channel 3 and actually like newsies— my coined word for reporters, commentators and anchors. Like many other businesses, Channel 3 is undergoing significant changes as demand dictates. The public yearns for more information. They want to know how local politics and the economy affect them. Decisions the governor and legislature make during the legislative session and interim can greatly impact our daily lives or the ability of a business to sink or swim whether it is increased taxes, new regulations, or changing laws that are beneficially profitable. Our news team delves into these actions and behind the decisions so they can keep you fully informed. In that broader picture, news becomes like the fourth branch of government –the one looking after the people’s interest.

The public’s interest is driving the change at Channel 3. Nearly everything that happens in the city, county, state, nation, and the world affects every individual whether it is infrastructure, crime, schools, law enforcement, health, social services, environmental concerns, even the gas you pump into your car. This growing need from the community wanting to know the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of all that is happening in a community that never sleeps was a call for action and an opportunity for a local television station such as Channel 3 to fill that demand.

Channel 3 is responding and will provide more local news, national and international news as it applies to the local population. And, to the extent that demand affects business, Channel 3 will be making more changes to fulfill that need.

The station has already expanded its daily news and commentary programming by 90 minutes eliminating some syndicated programs. The 4 p.m. newscast has been expanded to one hour. Two news and commentary programs were added to the station’s news and information program schedule.

The half hour program with Jon Ralston is a statewide news and interview program on issues important to citizens of Nevada. Ralston asks tough questions from his nightly guests. His show is informative yet also makes for good entertainment.

The Agenda airs at 12:30 Monday through Friday. Anchored by a liberal and a conservative, their discussions can be a bit heated. However, you get to hear both sides and form your own opinion.

Filling an important role in a growing and complicated world, to operating a profitable television business in a world filled with hundreds of channels of syndicated programing, Channel 3 decided to focus on our core product, news, and information that is important to the citizens of southern Nevada. Channel 3 takes the job of reporting the news seriously because your news is our primary concern.


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