Magic Myint: The Story of the Dream-Maker Surgeon

Magic Myint: The Story of the Dream-Maker Surgeon

By: Katherine Jackson

If you go searching for a facial plastic surgeon, and you’re lucky enough, you will hear his name whispered in waiting rooms all over Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. The Magical, Mystical Myint; the rumored wizard of Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Well, I have some good news: he’s real, he’s here, and you can indeed be treated by Magic Dr. Myint. But, who exactly is he? 

Let’s start with what he does. Dr. Myint is a board certified Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. This is an extremely rare specialty, with only a few hundred doctors practicing this specialty currently in the US, less than 650, total. Within this unique, super specialized discipline, Dr. Myint deals with cosmetic, reconstructive and aesthetic concerns around the eyes and face. These procedures are incredibly delicate and complex, and it takes a well-educated and practiced hand to approach them. Whether the procedure is initial (your first), or revisional (correcting or maintaining a prior procedure), Dr. Myint has a reputation for delivering beauty and balance to his patients, that is second to none. While a majority of his work is cosmetic, Dr. Myint also treats a variety of medical concerns such as children born with facial deformities, patients with eye lid cancers or tumors, tearing problems, eyelid malposition’s, eyelid and orbital trauma, orbital tumors, droopy eyelids and even those with thyroid eye disease.  

With all these surgical skills at his disposal, it is no surprise that he is highly sought after. But what is truly surprising is how often he steers his patients to less invasive and less expensive techniques. This is a rare trait among Western Physicians. Myint is a huge supporter of a cautious and natural approach to surgery, that always benefits the patients over personal gain. This sincere care for his patients has made him one of the most beloved plastic surgeons in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. 

In addition to bringing beauty and joy to his patients, Dr. Myint is also passionate about education and the enrichment of future generations of surgeons. Dr. Myint has published five textbooks in the field of Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, which are widely recognized as the go-to books for residents and surgeons from around the globe. He has trained residents and fellows from all over the globe and has published many peer reviewed articles nationally and internationally, as well as written chapters in some of the other leading textbooks on plastic surgery. His recent book titled “Nonsurgical Periorbital Rejuvenation” has been well received by his colleagues. 

While Dr. Myint is certainly magic, the moment you speak to him, you realize he is neither hype, nor illusion; he is concretely the real deal. A few minutes in his presence and one immediately melts into the trust he imparts. He is passionate about his discipline, and his desire for his patients to experience something that is not only transformative, but also one that is joyful from waiting-room to post-op.  

For a surgeon, that is true wizardry.  

Phone: (702) 838-2455
Address: 7650 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117