Doing the Right Thing With Clement Ziroli, Jr

In business, just as much as life, a massive chunk of one’s success comes from making the right decisions for others. And in a day where the world wants you to think that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, it’s leadership that puts the needs of others that can thrive best, especially in times like these. And no one believes that like Clement Ziroli, Jr. does as he seeks not just to teach this principle but exemplify it in the workplace.

Following an interview with Jeana Ziroli-Kobielsky of CrossCountry Mortgage LLC, Clement Ziroli, Jr. shared his philosophy for building good leadership, creating strong company culture, and developing client loyalty. In addition, he notes how important it is to do the right thing for customers, especially pivoting to meet their needs is crucial to business success.

“You gotta do the right thing,” explains Clement Ziroli, Jr. “If I’m not dynamic and don’t shift gears and I try to be rigid with them, the relationship suffers. When people come in good faith and buy from your store, you gotta help them.” Clement Ziroli, Jr. was in the mortgage banking business for a few decades now, a highly commoditized and competitive market. Despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges he has faced, he has climbed his way up the mortgage ladder and landed many opportunities to lead one of the largest companies in the industry. He served as the president of one of the main mortgage companies out there before becoming a principal and CEO at Diamond Creek Holdings, the family’s company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The underserved borrowers of the country have been Clem’s chip on the shoulder for the longest time. His commitment to helping those who the system ignored for the longest time would earn the real estate mortgage professional the “Finance Champion of the Year” award from the Department of Commerce. Despite his success, Clement Ziroli, Jr. has continued on his mission to fight for the little guy because he believes wholeheartedly that it’s what’s required of him and any leader. “Doing the right thing is so important in your daily life,” adds Clement Ziroli, Jr. “Nobody’s perfect, but it’s important.”

He also wanted to honor his father, who inspired him to get into the business. “Well, as you know, our dad, Clement Ziroli, Sr. was in this business. And it was all through the mortgage business from his, you know, professional standpoint and both of us had a big admiration for our dad, Clement Ziroli, Sr., as you know. And so he was really instrumental in my decision to get into the mortgage business when I got out of college,” he shares.

“I kind of didn’t know what I wanted to do, our dad Clement Ziroli, Sr. really never pushed me in any one direction. But I kind of guessed by default that I would end up in the mortgage business. I started off in the business as a loan officer and I was very fortunate to have my dad, Clement Ziroli, Sr. as a mentor. I’m a salesperson by nature, and very unorganized.”

In his interview with Jeana, Clement Ziroli, Jr. comments on the current state of government amidst the growing unrest and divide. “The United States is blessed, but in reality, there’s no fulfillment,” explains Clement Ziroli, Jr. “Leadership is taking their eyes off the people they serve.” Yet, instead of focusing on things that he can’t control, Clement Ziroli, Jr. focuses on putting his energy into the things he can influence and speak to.

The veteran mortgage professional has long used his platform to speak to state and federal congressional audiences on mortgage-related issues. He has also directly addressed regulatory agencies and even the White House on such matters.

Clement Ziroli, Jr. hopes that through his involvement in Diamond Creek Holdings and the thousands of flip transactions amassed through his career, he can play his part in making people’s lives better through his profession.

On top of his involvement in real estate, Clement Ziroli, Jr. also co-founded Nutrishop, a chain of sports nutrition superstores with locations all around the country.


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