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Within moments of meeting attorney Brian Boyer, you realize that he is not your average personal injury attorney like the ones on billboards throughout town. When not dressed in a suit and tie, he wears cut-off sleeve t-shirts, featuring rock bands that reveal tattoos covering his arms, complemented by a beard reaching several inches in length. You might see more Rockstar than legal counselor, and you would not be wrong as he is happy to share his many exciting stories about being a professional guitar player in rock bands throughout his early years.

He proclaims to have a profound connection to injury cases, flowing from his deeply rooted passion for extreme sports. Snowboarding, dirt biking, skateboarding, mountain biking, and auto racing are a few of the activities that this local attorney participates in when he is not in the courtroom. Suffering dozens of injuries in the process —multiple requiring orthopedic surgery—he understands what it means to be hurt and therefore has a special empathy for his injured clients.

If you look past his somewhat rough exterior, Brian is a genuinely hardworking and successful attorney in the Vegas Valley. Over the past decade, he has helped thousands of individuals who were injured in accidents. We, therefore, thought it would be interesting to interview Brian Boyer, “the injury lawyer,” to find out more about what separates him from the rest of the pack.

Q: What first brought you to Las Vegas?

A: As rare as it may be, I am one of the few attorneys that I know that was born and raised in Las Vegas. So, I have a love for this city that is hard to match. Vegas is my home. I have seen it grow before my very eyes. I remember when the population first reached one million in the ’90s and I have seen it triple in size from there. I have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly times out here. But it is just one of those things that makes me appreciate this city even more.

Q: With the number of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, what are you doing to set yourself apart from the rest?

A: For me, it is all about client interaction. I give my cell phone number to all my clients, so they can easily reach me if they have any questions or concerns. I encourage my clients to text me, so I can respond even if I am in a situation where I cannot answer the phone, for instance, if I am waiting for my case to be called in court. My clients having instant access to their attorney seems to be very comforting for them.

Q: It sounds like you are embracing technology. What else are you doing to keep your office in the 21st century?

A: Well, for one, I try to maintain a paperless office environment. I am not the type of attorney whose desk is covered in so much paper that you cannot see over it. I cannot stand clutter so cutting out unnecessary paper is a no-brainer. Beyond keeping me organized, I have access to all the information that I need from anywhere that has an internet connection due to “cloud” access.

Q: With so many exciting hobbies at your disposal, do you still enjoy being an attorney?

A: Absolutely. People always ask me how I am good at so many different activities and I guess it boils down to the way my brain works. If I am interested in something, I dive in, headfirst, becoming borderline obsessed with it, spending days, weeks, even months, researching and learning about all the small details until I have it mastered. I truly enjoy challenging myself. Law is one of the most challenging things to master because there is no black and white. There is always that little grey area that wins or loses cases and makes it such a rewarding artform.

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