Economic Impact of COVID Closures

Feb. 16, 2021
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Economic Impact of COVID Closures White Paper Published
Outside General Counsel reports possible rapid economy recovery based on factors.

[LAS VEGAS]—While the New Year offers a different administration and a vaccine, the
economy remains uncertain. Shauna Brennan, attorney, founder and principle of the Brennan
Legal Counsel Group d/b/a Outside General Counsel, investigated the possible trends for the
economy in the upcoming year. Using a team of college interns for economic and historical
research and analysis, Outside General Counsel wrote an Economic Impact of COVID Closures
white paper. According to her research, based on lessons learned and the implementation of
stimulation packages, the country may experience rapid economic recovery. She urges all
business owners to pause, reflect, and reset with sound legal advice.
“While we cannot predict the future and the impact of the closures on business and commercial
real estate, we can watch the historical economic indicators and anticipate recovery, to empower
us to mitigate damages and to take advantage of opportunities,” she says.
As an attorney, Shauna has practiced law during three economic downturns and is the voice of
experience helping clients during these times. Her advice, based on the white paper, is for
business owners to negotiate with all creditors to restructure debt and payments, and implement
asset protection to protect their interests.