Becoming a Boss Lady – Jannet Kay

Possessing the title of Boss Lady, Jannet Kay is a constant reminder that hard work and dedication are fundamentals of success. 

Born and raised in a diverse military familyJannet says, The morals and culture in our household shaped me to be wellrounded and structured with a goal-oriented mentality.  Joining the military at just 17 years old, Jannet has been through combat climbing her way up the chain of command through various leadership positions.  Following her deployments, Jannet received a Bronze Star Medal, Combat Action Badge and other meritorious awards which heightened her leadership capabilities.  Later transitioning through higher education, graduating Summa Cum Lade with a dual Bachelor of Science Degree, Master of Science and PhD, she served as a Company Commander and then elevated to the battalion level which she oversaw 9 companies.  Jannet says, “To serve and defend is not just my duty, it is an honor, I am representation of all the women and minorities who once wasn’t officially accepted to serve in our military.”  Recognized and honored by the Governor of Nevada, Jannet was elected as a National Women Delegate in representation of Women in Uniform. 

Q: As a Veteran Officer in the Medical Corps of the United States Army Medical Department (AMEDD), how do you implement leadership? 

A: One tactic is to implement lessons learned from my previous leadership.  I always express that leadership comes from the good leaders before us, to make us greater leaders today. 

The term “Boss Lady” was bestowed upon Jannet Kay around 2005 by colleagues and friends later motivating the name of her organization.  She says, “To me, Boss Lady isn’t just a title or name, it’s an ongoing commitment that is earned.”  Always an advocate of community activism, she created the organization, BOSSBased On Success Status ( in 2006, a social movement engaging her community.  Encompassed by BOSS Entertainment, the BOSS Organization hosts community events and assists in promoting other non-profits to give back. 

Q: As a distinguished woman, what strategies led you to become successful? 

A: Exposing myself to new things provided experiences and wisdom to build upon, in all my aspirations.  Once you achieve your goal it becomes an addiction, you just want more, my drive has always inspired me to be limitless. 

Passionate about traveling, Jannet became a Foodie, always eager to try something new.  She says, “I will always try something once, if its good, make it twice.” Adventuring around the world she pondered on owning her own restaurant full of flavor and culture.  Known for “Satisfying your Taste by Soothing your Soul” Jannet became a Restaurateur of Mississippi Mary Soul Food Caférepresenting the Best of Las Vegas in categories such as Best Soul Food, Best Cultural Food and Best Chicken and Waffles.  She says, “Your perspective of running a business changes when you become a business owner, doing things is not the same as getting things done.”  Tourists from around the world patronize her restaurant to indulge in good eats (  Happy customers are her mission! 

Q: What advice could you provide to those striving to be successful? 

A: Set goals!  Educate your mind, knowledge is power…promote physical activity and healthy habits to put your best foot forward.  Your morals, values, organization, confidence and discipline help you to reach your goals however, the key is to remain humble and open minded.” 


Promoting natural beauty and self-esteem, Jannet is a role model for female youth in the Love Your Curls Dove Hair Campaign.  Additionally, as a model working with big brand names, featured in magazines such as Vouge and Fox Sports as an event reporter, she generously donates her earnings to give back. Jannet avows, “If you don’t have faith, everything would be certain in life without challenges to encourage you.” A leader and an inspiration to future leaders, Boss Lady, Jannet Kay is a perfect example of where passion and determination can take you. 


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