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The Incredible Staff at Dress For Success Nevada

Ask a Pro with Paula Lawrence of Dress for Success

Q: What is Dress for Success’s mission? 

A: Dress for Success Southern Nevada was founded in 2009, during one of the highest unemployment rates Nevada has seen to date. We are the Las Vegas-area affiliate of the international non-profit, which supports and empowers women in our community to be economically sound and independent, while helping them to build their career and most importantly, become self-sufficient.  

Our goal is to help these women who are looking to find employment by providing them with professional attire, a network of support and care, and career development tools and opportunities to help them thrive in work and life! 


Q: How did you make an impact when you joined the cause? 

A: I jumped into this cause because I saw the true need for it. In 2014, I became the Director for the Southern Nevada office and honestly, took a leap of faith. There are a number of women that I have met while working at this foundation that have made me shed a few tears from their stories. I just try to support as many women as I can through this cause. In a world full of “Prove you need it services” such as government money support or Medical insurance, it is becoming more and more difficult to get the help you truly need. The ladies at Dress for Success don’t need a long list of why you need help, or anything about your situation. We just want to help women succeed. 


Q: How can a woman be helped once they visit Dress for Success? 

A: Women can be referred to us through various organizations and affiliates, including the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation Army, The Shade Tree, and other various community organizations. DFSSN provides professional clothing and counseling for each of the women that walk through the door. When a client secures a job interview, we schedule her to come in for a consultation with one of our staff members to get her fitted for a full business suit, as well as any accessories, toiletries, including nail polish and makeup, and footwear. But most importantly, leave her with positive reinforcement and a nice boost of confidence. When she lands the job, she can come back for up to one week’s worth of business attire. In addition to providing clothing, we also have a number of programs for support or mentoring.  


Q: Can Dress for Success help secure a job? 

A: We can certainly assist, yes! In February of 2014, our center was blessed with a new and expanded Career Center, thanks to the help of Gensler, a leading global design firm, and several other businesses who graciously contributed. This career center can now support women who want to re-enter the workforce and maintain our mission of helping women. They may work on their resume, a job application, and search for new jobs in their area. Also, the staff may jump in if they need any assistance on the computer.  


Q: How can locals support this incredible cause? 

A: We have come to a total of 7,000 women that we have helped through the years. Hearing that number is so incredible, and we want to help even more! The community has been amazing to us, and we LOVE the support. You may support this cause by donating your unwanted or barely worn business attire to our facility, any amount helps! We also host events a couple of times a year where we take all our donated clothes and do a master sale. There are thousands of women that show up each year and it keeps getting bigger! We also always accept volunteers! Our headquarters always needs more Boutique Assistants and Image Consultants to meet with clients! Also, donations are always graciously accepted on our website. We are deeply gracious for anything given or donated! 


Q: Any advice for aspiring businesswomen in Las Vegas? 

A: Don’t be afraid of conflict, it is a natural part of business and avoiding it will only slow your growth. 

Be brave and remember if someone tells you no, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means you can’t do it with them. Be intentional about having a diverse network of associates and resources and support the people who support you. 


Paula Lawrence

Dress for Success Southern Nevada 

Get involved! Volunteer or Donate today! 



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