The Premier Plastic Surgery Group

The Premier Plastic Surgery Group The history of plastic surgery is a long and fascinating one, with reconstructive surgery techniques being practiced as early as 800 BC in India and even earlier in ancient Egypt. Throughout that time, the art has seen the rise and decline of many trends. These peaks and valleys have been largely defined and shaped by the tools available and the techniques perfected over generations. The ultimate achievement of plastic surgery is cosmetic improvement while maintaining a natural looking result. This requires not only the most modern and advanced technology, but also the highest quality training and experience. Las Vegas is lucky to have some of the finest plastic surgeons and three have combined their skills to form a world class plastic surgery center. Nationally known surgeons: Dr. Lane Smith, Dr. John Minoli and Dr. Shoib Myint have joined forces to deliver among the best that plastic surgery has to offer in the Western United States. This is all taking place at Dr. Smith’s new state-of-the-art plastic surgery center in Las Vegas. With a brand new 19,000 sq. ft. beautifully decorated space, the Institute boasts a full service Medi-spa, a complete plastic surgery clinic, and three fully accredited operating rooms. The services that Dr. Smith, Minoli and Myint have to offer encompasses everything from head to toe; Including both surgical and non-surgical procedures to restore a more youthful appearance, correct damage from pregnancies or simply fulfill a wish, like a more attractive nose or larger breasts. These three phenomenal surgeons have decades of experience and training with over 65,000 surgeries combined. Not only are they highly educated and highly accredited, they also have the distinction of having taught multiple surgeons, fellows and students from all over the world, spreading their wealth of knowledge. The benefit of combining their skills into one singular cosmetic surgery practice is that the three surgeons combined have expertise in nearly every area of the body. Dr. Lane Smith is one of approximately two dozen surgeons in the United States who has completed full fellowships in both Plastic Surgery training at the Mayo Clinic and Facial Plastic Surgery training at Stanford University. Dr. Smith is the first surgeon to win all three plastic surgery awards given by the Las Vegas Review Journal. In 2018, he won best cosmetic surgeon, best surgery center and best breast augmentation surgeon. Dr. Smith has pioneered and won awards for new techniques and research in Abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. Like Dr. Smith, Dr. Minoli is one of only a dozen plastic surgeons in the United States to have completed fellowships in both Plastic Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery. He is also an expert in Rhinoplasty. He shares the values of Dr. Smith and Dr. Myint who know that compassion and attentiveness are the foundation of successful treatment. Because of this, his skills are the perfect asset to the institute. Dr. Minoli specializes in facelifts and has trained with some of the best facelift surgeons in the world in both New York City and Beverly Hills were he has also worked as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Shoib Myint is a remarkable addition to the Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Myint is board certified and one of only a few Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons in the United States. He also is trained in ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology and understands the anatomy of the eye and eyelids. He specializes in the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face and eyes. In addition to being a phenomenal surgeon, he has published five major textbooks in oculoplastic surgery, taught other oculoplastic surgery fellows, and is currently an adjunct professor of plastic surgery at the new UNLV School of Medicine. Additionally, he still teaches abroad in Spain, while continuing to maintain his Beverly Hills practice. If you’re looking for seamless, natural results of any eyelid, orbital or facial procedure, Dr. Myint will see that you attain your goals. This team of surgeons have set out to create the number one plastic surgery destination in the nation, and it looks as though they are on their way to achieving that goal. Dr. Smith’s partnership with Dr. Myint and Dr. Minoli has set them apart from most other surgery centers, and the results speak for themselves. The days of obvious surgical results have long since passed. Patients now demand the best and most natural looking results, and we are finally in an age where the technology and the skills have caught up to that desire. These three surgeons and their combined talents have the ability to deliver the dream: a beautiful, youthful result that appears natural. The achievement is astounding. The results are life changing. Reveal a more beautiful you at Smith Plastic Surgery Group today. 7650 W Sahara Ave. 702-838-2455

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