Hemp Seed Oil: The Hero Beyond the Hype

Multibillion-dollar beauty and personal care empires have banked on subliminal media campaigns and Hollywood hype to convince women and men into believing that instant results actually exist. It turns out, they certainly do! And the hero beyond the hype is cold-pressed hemp seed oil! 

Gone are the days of purchasing self-care products that contain a long list of chemicals difficult to pronounce that do no justice. We are in the midst of a massive movement upon wellness spearheaded by millenials and as a result, it is expected that major beauty retailers and Hollywood glam squads level up by supplying the demand for earth-aligned, botanical hemp seed oil derived products that compliment a health-focused lifestyle. 

Integral, organic ingredients are the new normal and cold-pressed hemp seed oil infused skin and hair care collections have no trouble selling out. Global sales via word of mouth testimonials have peaked an all time high- no pun intended, as loyal hemp advocates love recommending latest hemp products that produce dramatic results! However, now that Nature’s miracle plant products are finally placed upon marketplace shelves after generations of remaining unobtainable, established non-hemp beauty brands have come to realize that competition is critical. They can no longer rely just on Instagram-worthy packaging or celebrity endorsements to drive sales when products that heal are closing the deals.    

Hemp and the oils it produces have accumulated a lot of misinformation, but simply put, its benefits are all gain and no pain. Hemp is a species of cannabis plant family classified as non-psychoactive, meaning it contains no THC (the psychoactive component found in other species of cannabis plants) or scientifically trace amounts that are otherwise considered undetectable. Hemp seed oil is the oil collected from organic hemp seeds after they have gone through a process called cold-pressing. This particular oil is not to be confused with CBD oil, which is the oil from the leaves of the hemp plant, not the seeds. Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are extremely beneficial for our internal and external body, kudos to its high protein content and fatty acid profile of Omega-3, 6, and 9. This combination, including its gamma linoleic acid (GLA) adds up to a promising recipe to heal dry, damaged hair and achieve healthy hair goals styled by Mother Earth. As an added benefit, cold-pressed hemp seed oil stimulates the scalp with micro-circulation needed to combat hair loss as well as treats existing infections and itchy skin with its anti-microbial properties. 

Whether we choose to cook with organic hemp seed oil or incorporate it into our self-care rituals, hemp seed oil is naturally the hero beyond the hype for all ages in the pursuit of health and beauty. With a clean track record of producing no negative side effects, there seems to be little to no excuses for curious consumers to not see for themselves if organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil can be their holistic household hero. 



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