The CBD Commerce Showdown

Welcome to the Wild Wild West Showdown of the ever-growing beauty, health and wellness products infused with cannabinol (CBD). Resistance to anything related to cannabis seems to be losing the battle. 

CBD used to be a best kept secret among Americans as it wasn’t commonly spoken about due to its classification technically being a Schedule One drug. Now that legalization seems closer every month, industries across the board appear to be intrigued by its seemingly miraculous healing properties for people and pets, as well as the environment. Unfortunately, when there is a quality product market, soon after follows the trend of knock offs. Many wholesalers and retailers online have great digital marketing techniques, although often their products are nothing close to pure CBD oil as advertised. 

CBD is the non-psychoactive oil found within the cannabis plant family. Online you can find a vast array of CBD products ranging from beverages and consumables to topical lotions, beauty products, and vapor pens. In some states, you can visit dispensaries and even dine in CBD cafes that offer CBD treats for us to take home for our pets. Although a health conscience mindset is a good thing for humanity, the new market already is becoming saturated. Savvy consumers are starting to focus a lot more on the quality of the CBD and less on the shimmer packaging with rose gold trim.  

For shoppers who care about purchasing quality CBD oil, it is important to become educated about what to look for, if expecting to benefit from its properties. A legitimate company should roll out the red carpet for you and show you their credentials to prove they supply the “best” quality of CBD. If the company does not display credentials, ask if the CBD they wish to sell you is air extracted, third party tested, 100% pure or less than three ingredients. Pure CBD is not cut with various filler oils or typically considered inexpensive. You want the CBD to be green in color and if it smells similar to cannabis, it’s a great sign that you have a quality CBD in mind.  

When it comes to CBD infused beverages, consumers have plenty of options, including CBD water, coffee, teas, smoothies, soda, beer, wine, cocktails and even mocktails. Be sure that your CBD beverage does not have triple amount of sugar than traditional teas in the marketplace. To combat taste challenges of infusing CBD within beverages, many brands use too much sugar to be considered a healthy option by fitness gurus. Even though CBD is often marketed to be extremely healthy for the body internally and topically, it heavily depends on the consumable or beverage the CBD is infused into, its ingredients and serving size. There are CBD candy, cakes, brownies, artisan chocolate, frosting, protein energy bites, gum, honey, coconut oil to cook with and a buffet of options. But just because CBD is proven to enhance your overall health does not mean that it doubles as an excuse to eat excessive amounts of treats you otherwise shouldn’t. And no, the upcoming holidays are not an exception! 

The same principals apply for skincare and haircare. With a click on the Internet, you can find CBD topical lotions, cleansers, eye creams, bath bombs, lip scrubs, premium hemp haircare, makeup, and even vegan CBD eyelash serum. Quality CBD infused skincare is packed with whole, organic ingredients and antioxidants that can correct damage caused by free radicals, which is a valuable incentive when it comes to natural beauty. Quality haircare is typically advertised to be sulfate-free, paraben-free and sometimes even salt and gluten-free. A legitimate wellness premium hemp haircare line will be proud of formulating their products with organic cold pressed hemp oil and active botanical ingredients that nourish the hair for health, strength and flexibility. 

In the information age, it may be tempting to jump and purchase some of these products, but it may be best to hold your horses and remember to first focus on the ingredients in the products and then on the quality of the CBD or hemp oil (often found in hair products) before making a final purchase. The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that hemp oil is only extracted from hemp plants and CBD is found in hemp plants as well as various cannabis plant types. 

It’s the Wild West of experimentation with the accessibility of products infused with CBD. On this frontier, there is no shame in taking your rootin tootin time observing CBD credentials to ensure it will benefit you best. Legend has it, the rewards of finding the CBD: Most Wanted could be life changing. Hempy CBD Hunting! 


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