Honey Salt

Honey Salt

A review by Kate Johnson and Mark Stevens-Andro

Food with a conscience, finding sustainably sourced local and regional ingredients that are good for you and taste amazing! I had been hearing great things about this restaurant for a few months, and finally decided to do a review to share the well known secret that is, Honey Salt.

I invited my Co-Reviewer, and incredible Husband, Mark, with me and we made it a date night out! Let us be the first to say that everything was amazing! From the hostess, Ashley, immediately greeting us with a warm, welcoming smile, to the charming “Farmhouse Chic” atmosphere that was soft to the eyes, yet light and bright at the same time.
We were seated right away, in front of the Chef’s open kitchen and plating station. It was neat to see a dedicated employee quality check and put the finishing touches on everything before the plates went out. Our Waiter, Adrian, and Assistant Waiter, Rick, were wonderful and kind. Rick came out right away with a Cheese Flatbread and delicious Honey Butter. We wanted to spread that butter on everything! (We even took some home per Rick’s advice!!) Then, we decided to try a “mocktail.”

We went for the Sicilian Punch with Fresh Blood Orange Juice, fresh basil and club soda with a little orange peel. It was like drinking summer in a glass. Incredibly refreshing and the perfect start to an amazing experience! Angie, the Manager, came over togreet us and suggested that we try the Farmers Toast. It is grilled sourdough toast with Bellwether Farms Ricotta, Easter Egg Radishes, hazelnuts, spiced honey, and local peaches. We couldn’t get enough! Although it may seem like a lot of different ingredients, it was perfectly balanced. Following the amazing toast came the Prosciutto Flat Bread. With, again, the Bellwether Farms Ricotta and local peaches, but also had baby arugula and just the lightest drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The crust was perfect! We genuinely had to stop ourselves after eating 3 slices each, but didn’t want to! Rick came to check on us and made a couple of adorable jokes. Then, came the Big Eye Tuna Poke.

We’ve never had Tuna Poke this good, ever, from anywhere! It was a very simple and clean dish, with the Tuna being the absolute star. I, myself, only got a couple of bites in because Mark fell in love with it and devoured it all. That was his favorite out of the wonderful selections. Again, Rick and Adrian came by to check on us and refill our beverages. They were very attentive and didn’t let a detail go unnoticed. Now, for to the entrees we ordered Mary’s Free Range Chicken, and the Farm House Meatloaf. You wouldn’t think to order meatloaf at a restaurant, much less at one this beautiful. But, this was our favorite thing out of everything we tried! It had caramelized onions, with roasted brussels sprouts and a life changing tomato jam. This was not your mother’s meatloaf. It was elevated to something out of this world! We couldn’t get enough. As a matter of fact, Rick packed it up for us, and I had it for lunch the next day.

All in all, this is comfort food, elevated and with a conscience. A great spot for date night or even a family dinner. The food is amazing, and the prices won’t break the bank. We will be back!