Ask the Mayor – Fall 18


1.How did UFC help establish Las Vegas as a major-league sports city?

A: The UFC was one of the pioneers for major league sports in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has always been known as the boxing capital of the world, but NASCAR and the National Finals Rodeo earned early prominence as well. Some 25 years ago a couple of brash young local guys had an idea, and that turned into a worldwide phenomenon: the UFC. Congratulations are due to the Fertitta family, Dana White, and the entire brain trust that started this company and developed it into what it has become today, a sensation. Of course we have all been thrilled with what the Golden Knights accomplished this past year in its inaugural season. The WNBA Las Vegas Aces are now part of our community and we all look forward to what the Las Vegas Raiders will soon be adding to the professional sports mix in Las Vegas. An NBA franchise surely is next, and with any good planning, a long-awaited MLS team will come along sometime thereafter!

2. There was recently a resolution approval providing formal opposition to use Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository, what will that resolution achieve?

A: Hopefully a long or permanent delay in using Yucca Mountain at all as a nuclear repository! Beyond our State representatives in Washington D.C. and our Governor pushing to prevent further deposits of waste at the site, for the past two decades, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (a body of over 1,400 mayors of cities of 30,000 or more) has annually signed Resolutions to Congress in opposition to the movement of radioactive and/or nuclear waste across the country. Why? The nation’s infrastructure is rated at a D-level by civil engineers, and the risk posed by transport of these wastes through deteriorated tunnels, weakened bridges, inferior roadways and rail, threatens millions of citizens. The issue is non-negotiable.

3. What is the mobile prekindergarten program and how will that improve early education?

A: The city of Las Vegas has long been pursuing a commitment to get our youngest children to ensure that they are reading ready for entry into kindergarten. Through our Strong Start Program we have be making strides but not enough for our inner city, and more vulnerable little ones. We have two preschools up and running to work with 3, 4, and young 5-year-olds to prepare them for quality entry into the formal CCSD program, ready to participate, ready to read. While some of our pre-elementary options are terrific, for some of our population they are not accessible, and thus we have moved to go to them. Our new Strong Start bus will hit the streets later this year, and we are very optimistic about the potential it alone offers. If it is viable and proves of value to children in preparing them for entry, hopefully, we will add additional vehicles to a new fleet in service. Of course, we will need private support to accomplish this meaningful and purposeful task. For more information, visit

4.Coming up on the one year anniversary of October 1, in what ways do you think that Las Vegas has unified and overcome the aftereffects of such an event?

A: Oct. 1, 2017 is a date burned into the history of Las Vegas and into the hearts and souls of all of us who call this fabulous community home or a wonderful place to visit. We continue to face sorrow and bow our heads in the loss, injury and memory. The unconscionable and sick act of a deranged and vile animal will never define who we are, what we believe, how we pursue the good and righteous pathway, but sadly it will always be carried by us all forever.
Thus the year 2017 will always be marked by this but, too, it will also be marked by acts of human kindness, risk, caring, selflessness and support for mankind. We bonded as one and will remain as one, indebted to those who held us together, and we will always pray for the souls we lost and those forever scarred by that night… this is Las Vegas.

5. This issue features the Top Men of the Year and the Top 25 Women Owned Businesses. Former Mayor, Oscar Goodman, and you are both very respected people in business and the community. How do you successfully balance work and home life?

A: Love, laughter, TRUST, respect, and honesty.


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