Dont Forget We Live in Vegas

Don’t Forget We Live in Vegas

By Melissa T.

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Las Vegas is a major travel destination for “fun seekers”. Natives, though, sometimes forget, or take for granted, the immeasurable perks available to us year round in our own backyard.

Having fun is a balancing act with all of life’s responsibilities. Sometimes it’s okay to leave the work week behind and let the stress go with it. After all, the word “stressed” is only “desserts” spelled backwards! With that in mind, here are some ways to treat your family and yourself during your highly coveted free time in Las Vegas.

Calling all foodies! Las Vegas has long been known for its abundance of buffets with price ranges to meet any budget. The array of internationally renowned restaurants and celebrity chefs setting up shop in our town is equally exciting to those who live here. The culinary world is your oyster in Las Vegas! 

What about the resort lifestyle here? It’s nice to know, whenever you are ready for it, the Las Vegas “fun” is available. You can enjoy a “stay-cation” at any of the countless resorts on or off Las Vegas Boulevard. Head to the pool, pamper yourself at the spa, or ride a roller coaster. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try your hand at our city’s claim to fame- gambling!

We can never forget we live in a city of entertainment. How many other cities can claim so many iconic singers and entertainers of such diverse talents? The experience is always made more special when we can share with visiting friends and family.

Last but not least, we may live in a desert, but Nature’s beauty surrounds us on all sides. There are some truly beautiful spots to unwind and refresh. My favorite is hiking at Red Rock and, during the winter, going up to Mount Charleston to play in the snow.

Whatever your “reality” is, enjoying life is a balancing act. It’s okay to splurge sometimes and enjoy your city. You deserve it!  We locals are the backbone and support system of this vibrant town. So endure life’s responsibilities, and take solace in knowing that poolside lounge chairs, unbelievable food experiences, world class entertainers, and the beauty of nature will always be right around the corner for you to indulge your imagination.


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