Mind, Body and Booty Fitness with Meghan Leigh

Meghan was born in Princeton, New Jersey.  Shortly after, her mother moved to the state of Washington to raise Meghan closer to her family.  Growing up in a predominantly male household, she quickly picked up a liking and an excitement for anything related to health and fitness.  In high school, Meghan was involved in sports, but when she got to college she had a burning desire to move.  Like many local Nevada residents, she moved from somewhere else and ventured out into unknown territories of Las Vegas, which has remained her home for 9 years.

Meghan remembers, “I didn’t know anyone when I moved here.  I just wanted to get out of the Washington rain.  I packed my belongings in my car, and drove alone from Washington to Vegas”.   Her first job was working for a network marketing company and she recalls the training she received.  They would stress to “wake up everyday and do what you love. Do what you love.”  Meghan joined a local gym.  “I loved to work out.  The trick is getting to the gym.  But once you’re there, you zone out, your endorphins begin to flow, and seeing others train really encourages you.  Surrounding yourself around the people you want to become, you will develop habits and acquire what they have.”

Immersing herself in knowledge about proper eating, quality trainers, proper form during weightlifting (which exercises target which muscles) and taking every class possible, she got in the ultimate shape of her life and dropped a couple pant sizes.  “The best part is how you feel and how you look!  Who knew clean eating makes such a huge difference in your skin, your energy, and your overall vitality.  When you feel good, you’re magnetic.  What you eat follows the same concept:  good in, good out.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Energy is life, the more you have, the better you will feel.”

Taking the advice of a trusted friend, Jimmy Nguyen Mr. USA Bodybuilding Champion, she continued her education by attending UNLV for personal training and the International Institute of Sports Medicine which helped to broaden her knowledge about kinesiology.  Meghan understands that a lot of losing weight, getting in shape, or eating properly starts inside in the brain.  Training with IFBB pros, body builders, bikini competitors, and learning all about dieting and proper eating from dietitians, Meghan wanted to see others achieve the same results in their life.  She understands the psychology behind it, how the mind works, why people revert back to old patterns, and why some seem to continuously self-sabotage.  Her main goal with her clients is to educate on proper nutrition for the mind, educate clients on food and nutrients for the body and skin, as well as great workout tips for your body and your booty!

 No two people are alike.  If you follow Meghan’s philosophy, be sure to visit her website for guidance, surround yourself around others who have similar goals, and hire a great coach.  You’ll be excited with your fast results! 

“Train your mind and the body will follow” -Robert Jones

In her free time, Meghan likes to relax at home with her pet Yorkie, spend time with her best friends, do charity work, read and travel.  She makes custom meal plans, and private personal training sessions, owns a mobile spray tan business, and helps her clients grocery shop to really help them learn what foods to buy and which to stay away from.

Meghan adds:  “What you eat literally becomes you.  Think about that, and remember you have the choice to choose what you want be made of.  The holidays are upon us, so lets work together to achieve your goals!  When you lose your excuses, that is when you’ll find your results!”