World’s First CBD Oil Retail Chain has Chosen to Open Inagural Store in Las Vegas

World’s first CBD oil retail chain has chosen to open inaugural store in Las Vegas 

By: Simmone Park 

On January 1st 2017, the legalization of recreational (adult) use, possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis went into effect in Nevada and the newfound industry was met with considerable success. As the fifth state to legalize recreational usage, the passing of Ballet Question 2 in Nevada resulted in a flurry of retail stores, with legal sales commencing just six months later on July 1st 2017. According to the State of Nevada Department of Taxation, marijuana dispensaries sold $27.1 million in its first month of legal sales alone.  

Fast forward only one year, where January 2018 represents yet another landmark event in Las Vegas history.  At the end of the month, successful “cannapreneur” and Las Vegas native, Joe Vargas, will open the world’s first CBD oil retail store.  

For those who are unfamiliar, cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis and industrial hemp, but unlike it’s famous cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (a.k.a. THC), is non-psychoactive. CBD has many health benefits and provides relief for a vast array of ailments and medical conditions, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, nausea, diabetes, inflammation, stress, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, psychosis, and depression.  

Vargas recognized the numerous positive benefits of CBD and began manufacturing and distributing high quality industrial hemp CBD products in his father’s kitchen in 2015 under parent company Space Monkey, LLC, to now owning and operating a 4,800 Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility with 14 employees. Ensuring all industrial hemp CBD products are THC free and/or compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill Act signed by Congress and the President of the United States (meaning the level of delta 9 THC remains below the legal limit of .3%), Vargas is able to ship products worldwide using the platform Under Vargas’ tutelage, his brands experienced massive success and quickly became the largest social-media driven CBD company in the world.  

The retail store, ‘Buy Legal Meds’ (address below article) will be the first of its kind in the world, and will feature a lounge area, where people can relax and/or do work, as well as a complimentary area for people to smoke CBD dabs and try new products and/or simply hangout. Similar to a legal dispensary, no medical card will be required to purchase CBD products hassle-free in the store, however one must be 18+ years of age with ID. Vargas says “buying CBD oil in our store will be discreet and convenient. I want our customers to feel comfortable visiting our store(s), feeling comfortable discussing their health issues so my staff can make recommendations on CBD products while knowing we take their privacy very serious. Our goal is to help people in our community by having them use and have easy access to drug test safe, all-natural and legal CBD oil products.” 

Buy Legal Meds will sell all-natural CBD products from brands like Cloud N9ne and ACTIV8 CBD that offer different strains of hemp CBD flower, CBD tinctures, CBD syringes, CBD vape, CBD freeze, CBD edibles, CBD syrups, CBD lotion, and more.  

The first store sits in a 24 Hour Fitness shopping center, so it will also feature a healthy smoothie bar, to be co-managed by one of Vargas’ long time friends and business partners in this particular smoothie venture, Raquel Geraldo. Customers will be able to speak with the CBD oil clerk on hand regarding their ailments in the store and receive a recommendation for CBD that can be added directly to their smoothie. CBD oil is great for your pre-workout and post-workout regime as it helps repair your muscles and your body faster while giving you aide in many ailments.  

The Grand Opening of ‘Buy Legal Meds’ will be at the end of January 2018 and Vargas is already in talks to expand the brand Buy Legal Meds retail chain in more areas in Las Vegas as well as taking the brand to other states in the United States. The next move is to franchise the business, opening locations across the continental U.S., yet never forgetting its Las Vegas origins.  

Location of store mentioned in article: 4985 W. Tropicana Ave. Suite #103, Las Vegas NV 89109 (at the corner of Decatur Blvd and Tropicana behind Starbucks in the same building) 

Grand Opening: end of January 2018 

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9am to 10pm 

Saturday – Sunday 9am to 11pm