As Team Leader at NOVA® Home Loans, Linda feels great reward from helping clients achieve their goals, whether it be owning their first home, downsizing, or whatever their dream or vision may be. “I love my clients and my Realtors,” she says, noting that she attends all of her clients’ closings. “You’re sitting there with someone and they’ve just committed to this new home, and the joy on their faces because of this new opportunity for their family, it’s very satisfying.” She considers herself a “relationship loan officer” who is driven more by achieving clients’ dreams than her own numbers. 

Accordingly, Linda believes her high level of attention to her clients and Realtors makes her standout in her field. She makes sure to stay in constant touch, to follow up with all parties along the way of the loan process, and to provide the hand-holding that the emotional process often requires. She also encourages clients and real estate agents to ask questions. When they do, and as is true throughout the entire process, she says, “I don’t pass them off to someone else. I am always the point of contact whenever they need something.” 

Interestingly, Linda was in law enforcement prior to entering the mortgage industry. Her decision to make a career change stemmed from the fact that her husband was an undercover narcotics officer. “I didn’t want to be on duty if something happened to him,” she explains. 

At the time, they were buying a home and Linda became best friends with their loan officer who worked at a savings & loan. Her friend suggested Linda work with her, and Linda hasn’t looked back. 

In addition to her accomplishments in mortgage lending in the Las Vegas area, Linda is very proud to be active with Rotary for 27 years. In fact, she has been president of the local Rotary and was named Rotarian of the Year in 2013. Her involvement gives her exceptional opportunity to make a difference in the community. She has traveled to Mexico to build homes with Rotary, along with administering Polio vaccines in India, and more importantly serves those in need in her own community. 

Still, Linda feels her first and biggest accomplishment in life is her 29-year-old daughter. “She reminds me every day about what is right in this world.”