Virtual Battle of the Bands

Battle of the bands has gone virtual! The top SIX bands have been chosen, they have been warming up their vocal cords and tuning their guitars, and now they are ready to bring “live” music back to Henderson! Velvet Chains, David Candelas, Ddendyl Hoyt, Isolated Ave, Casual Comfort, and Futilitarian Librarians d are set to tack the stage of the newly renovated Water Street Amphitheatre this Saturday at 6pm PST. Bands will be judged only by their quality of the performance, but their presentation preparedness and performance. Interacting with the audience will also be key and there are general rules they can be judged on, too! The winner will receive the opportunity to perform at future City of Henderson Events and a $1000 cash bonus. Second and third place contests go home with cash, too – $500 for second and $250 for third. Wondering how they were chosen? Each band had to submit two songs to qualify – one song that the band wrote themselves and the other a cover. Support our local bands and tune in for free for livestream here: