Top 10 Reasons to Live in Las Vegas

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Las Vegas

By Joel Jarvis

1. The Weather – It is always sunny and its warm year-round, and it very rarely snows! Average of 3,825 hours of sun per year. Think, Vitamin D, and a “good mood”.

2. Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire One of the greatest engineering wonders of the world, plus sand dunes, sun, water, boating, suntan oil, and fi sh too! Think, “Lake Day”.

3. Gaming capital of the United States – Gamble! Gamble! Gamble! Think, “Gamble”.

4. 24 hours a day, everything is open all the time – Sometimes I think it’s better than New York City? Think, “open for business”.

5. The Bowling alleys are epic in Vegas – Recommended are Red Rock Station and The Orleans. Think, “Strikes”.

6. Dog parks galore for your furry friends – There are 20 off-leash dog parks in Las Vegas! Desert Breeze and Centennial Hills Dog parks are amazing and clean! Take the dog for a walk!

7. Golf Courses are plentiful and of amazing quality – Recommended are Angel Park, TPC Summerlin, and Boulder City Municipal. Over 50 courses citywide. Think, “Long Drives”.

8. Drinking and clubbing in Las Vegas is Epic – Suggestions are Surrender at Wynn or try a beer pub like Crown and Anchor for locals, or Nine Fine Irishmen at New York-New York Casino. Think, “Drink”.

9. Free Parking – You have Valet parking for two bucks every day, every location. Think, “cheap parking, free in the self serve lots”.

10. Play a game called, “spot the celebrity” – They are here every weekend! Think, “Britney Spears and Mike Tyson”…together!