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Top 10 Places to Network In Las Vegas

Top 10 Places to Network In Las Vegas By Joel Jarvis Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce  www.lvchamber.com With Preview Las Vegas, Vegas Young Professionals, Business Expo, Business Expo Awards, Customer Service Awards and the monthly lunches, and morning mixers, they have it all!  Membership required. Clark County Bar Association  www.clarkcountybar.org Monthly meetings with attorneys and prominent […]Read More

Ask The Mayor

Ask the Mayor Q:  Where do you foresee the economy being a year from now here in Las Vegas? A:  We are so pleased to see a continuing, steady recovery from the great recession, and I think a year from now we will be witness to big plans that are being formulated for all of […]Read More

Ask a Top Doc: Why Medical Marijuana for Cancer Treatments

Why Medical Marijuana for Cancer Treatments? Why would a group of outstanding and well-respected physicians decide to open a medical marijuana dispensary?  I asked that question to a gynecologic oncologist that heads the group, which includes Drs. Rachakonda Prabhu, Geoffrey Hsieh, Sean Dempsey and Nick Thanos.  The team had good reasons for making the plunge […]Read More

Ask the Mayor

 Ask the Mayor Q: Summertime means family fun, summer vacations and lots of outdoor activities.  How do you and your family like to enjoy summertime in Las Vegas? A: We really do like to spend time together as a family especially if I can get some or all of them together- a rare happening!  Most […]Read More

Top 10 Swimming Pools in Vegas

Top 10 Swimming Pools in Vegas By Joel Jarvis 1.   Rehab, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – The biggest pool party in the nation on Sundays, it’s a sight to see. Go once, if you are still that young! Admission $40 a person, plus drinks, as always. 2.   Palms Casino Resort Pool – Regular Champagne showers with […]Read More

Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway Brand

Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway Brand Launches in Las Vegas By Toni Spilsbury With the Nevada real estate market now allowing homeowners to dust themselves off from the chaotic “post-bubble” storm, a new and respected brand will be embraced with open arms by residents looking for more integrity while buying or selling a home in Southern Nevada. The […]Read More

Boards of Design

Boards of Design Boards of Design is a new company based out of Las Vegas, NV that was born out of the idea that not all wood walls are created equal. Gone are the days of the wood paneling of your parents’ house, and in is the concept of unique, creative and innovative wall coverings that […]Read More

Welcome to Tequila Country

Welcome to Tequila Country By Rob Holbrook To the vast majority in this country, the distilled blue agave spirit from our neighbors to the south conjures onlyblurred memories. This perception, however, is slowly changing in America, and specifically Las Vegas. “Tequila is finally getting respect”, notes Robert Ansara, President of Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant, a Las […]Read More

Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation

Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation Since its inception in 2006, Nevada Blind Childrens Foundation (NBCF)has worked to remove barriers, create solutions, and expand possibilities so that children with vision loss can achieve their full potential. NBCF was founded by Kevin and Toni Spilsbury whose son Conner, was born blind. In a city with no school for […]Read More

Who Knew

 Who Knew Q: First thing I do in the morning is…?   A: I always get out of bed before Oscar and go around to his side of the bed to applaud him. I want him always to wake up in a good mood and feel loved and important every day.   Q: One thing I […]Read More

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