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Xavier Mendez

Imagina que al sol de hoy no supieras que este país existía. ¿Qué sería lo primero que te vendría a la mente al escuchar su nombre: Estados Unidos? A mí me vendría a la mente armonía, inclusión, paz, libertad, solidaridad, compasión, trabajo… Pensaría que sería la nación más fuerte del mundo. No por su habilidad […]Read More

Homemade Made Better

When you’re in the mood for a home cooked meal, think no further than Mama Bird Southern Kitchen, bringing that homemade spirit right to your dinner table (in half the time!). Personally, when I think of comfort food, my mind immediately runs to barbecue and/or anything southern, and if you’re like me, you want it […]Read More

Experience Dixie National Forest in Utah

Many people are familiar with Zion National Park, but not with its next door neighbor, Dixie National Forest, only a 4-hour drive from Las Vegas. It is truly a stunning location and perfect for a day trip with the family. Dixie National Forest occupies almost 2 million acres, stretches for about 170 miles across Southern […]Read More

The Socially Distanced Connection

In an age where social media and technology reign, and staying physically away from one another is now considered to be a part of current everyday life, we find ourselves in a quandary: we are now forced to find different ways to connect. Isolation has become an emotional challenge for many, and the perception of […]Read More

Dr. Jeffrey Roth

Dr. Jeffrey Roth could only be described as one of a dedicated breed of doctors, those that truly see medicine as a mission.  Born in Los Angeles, CA, at age 11 his family moved to what was then a small country town, which we know now as our great city of Las Vegas. He undoubtedly […]Read More


From the outside looking in, the sharply dressed Owner/Broker of 1st Priority Realty with the wide, welcoming smile and can-do attitude seems to have it all — a beautiful healthy family, a successful career and a growing business. But for this magnate, it hasn’t always been that way. Shane Nguyen started from the bottom and […]Read More

Becoming a Boss Lady – Jannet Kay

Possessing the title of Boss Lady, Jannet Kay is a constant reminder that hard work and dedication are fundamentals of success.  Born and raised in a diverse military family, Jannet says, “The morals and culture in our household shaped me to be well-rounded and structured with a goal-oriented mentality.”  Joining the military at just 17 years old, Jannet has been through combat climbing her way up the chain of command through various leadership positions.  Following her deployments, Jannet received a […]Read More

Henderson Event Center

New Home for Henderson Silver Knights Reimagination of Henderson Pavilion to Create New Home for Henderson Silver Knights, Henderson Symphony Orchestra and Other Community Events. Previous Next The Henderson Pavilion, located on S. Green Valley Parkway south of the 215 Beltway, is being reimagined as the Henderson Event Center – an enclosed year-round venue that will be home to […]Read More

Muslusky Law

At Muslusky Law, it is all about protecting and fighting for those who are injured. Owner, Adam Muslusky, has been practicing law for over 20 years. And, as much as his vast knowledge of the industry is significant, his fantastic personability is really what speaks to clients. Aiming for and attaining the best outcome for […]Read More

Open For Business

During the Governor’s shut down there are still many local businesses in operation, and we want to get the word out! To check out our list of Las Vegas Business that are still OPEN please click here! Or to add your business to the list please contact us here!Read More

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