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The First Family of Entertainment

The First Family of Entertainment Charlene Carabeo Tappeiner  In Las Vegas, a city unlike any other in the world, anything and everything goes on, from 24/7 gambling, drinking, partying, and God knows what else.  For the locals, we don’t want to know “what happens” in our city; we call Vegas “home.”  We proudly cheer for our Golden Knights, […]Read More

Meet Andrea Martinez MISS NEVADA

Andrea Martinez is on a winning streak, and she’s not planning on losing steam anytime soon.  Her down-to-earth personality is infectious and charming, but our 23-year-old Miss Nevada is determined to use her title to illuminate social and political concerns with real solutions. I sat down and chatted about her whirlwind experience – or lack […]Read More

Top 10 Fall Tours in Fabulous Las Vegas

Helicopter Tour of the Las Vegas Strip Many offer this service ranging from $79 to $300 per person.  Fly over the Las Vegas skyline — day or night — and be in the middle of the action, hovering above Vegas for a full 360-degree view!    Las Vegas Lights Night Tour  Enjoy Vegas by night […]Read More

Life is Beautiful Festival

Life is Beautiful Festival By: Jennifer Miller-Gonzales The appropriately named and highly anticipated Life is Beautiful Festival, that is held annually right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas is already creating buzz with the release of its musical artist line-up.  The event in its fourth year is slated for three days, September 23-25.  The […]Read More

Local Spotlight: Meet Carissa Rainwater

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: MEET CARISSA RAINWATER By: Jennifer Miller-Gonzales Carissa Rainwater started dancing at the Summerlin Dance Academy 2002 when it had just opened their doors.  And like the Dance Academy, Carissa has blossomed successfully and with the community.  Her passion grew from her young age and now dancing is not just something she does it’s […]Read More

40 Years of Love

40 Years of Love By Lori Nelson Station Casinos Happy Birthday to us!  July 1st marks our 40th birthday and we’re throwing a huge month-long bash to celebrate, so please RSVP “YES” to be part of the fun. Our humble beginnings started with a 5,000 square-foot casino simply named “The Casino” (today Palace Station) that […]Read More

Top 3 Apps for Quick Bucks

Top 3 Apps for Quick Bucks Michelle “Roxy” Davis I am a workaholic and love sharing my money making tips to all my friends and family.  So here are my latest top three apps that have been fantastic at making quick cash. AirBnb – Open your home or apartment to host friendly travelers that will […]Read More

Mr Cool

Mr Cool Anthony Cools celebrated his 20 year anniversary in the entertainment industry this year. Although he is most known for hypnosis, Cools has had many different business opportunities over the years. These include print and billboard company- Hootie Pa Tootie, Exposed Hair Salon, show producer, bar owner as well as other ventures. Even though […]Read More

Dont Forget We Live in Vegas

Don’t Forget We Live in Vegas By Melissa T. Coyote Country 102.7 Las Vegas is a major travel destination for “fun seekers”. Natives, though, sometimes forget, or take for granted, the immeasurable perks available to us year round in our own backyard. Having fun is a balancing act with all of life’s responsibilities. Sometimes it’s […]Read More

Who Knew

Q&A with Tricia Keane 1. First thing I do in the morning is…  I have a cup of coffee!  Once I am coherent, I grab my I-phone and check my e-mail. I always go right to the overnight ratings so I can see how Channel 13 stacked up the day before.  It’s my report card […]Read More

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