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Reputation Defenders

Your Reputation is Your Calling Card. “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” – Socrates They say that your reputation precedes you. The truth in that statement stems from the fact that the majority of your appearance and character is being delivered via word of […]Read More

Reviving your Love for your Position

Reviving your Love for your Position Anthony Lai Many working professionals get to a point where they question their job status and consider pursuing other opportunities.  As the Student Affairs Program Manager for The International School of Hospitality, I am often asked by our students about the appropriate time to move on to a different […]Read More

Harnessing the Power of Social Networks for Business

Harnessing the Power of Social Networks for Business By Debbie Harris By now you probably know that social networks are not going away.  You know you have to use it for your business and yet you are still confused about HOW to use it effectively.  Social media marketing can be overwhelming and is ever evolving. I […]Read More

Toros Spanish Kitchen and Gaming

Toros Spanish Kitchen and Gaming By Michele Polci, CMP, CPCE and Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE We didn’t know what to expect from Toros Spanish Kitchen and Gaming. Was it a sports bar, gaming establishment, a full service restaurant or a tapas place? The answer turned out to be a little bit of all of […]Read More

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada: Righting Wrongs, Changing Lives

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada – Righting Wrongs, Changing Lives By: Barbara Buckley, Esq., Executive Director When Arturo Martinez turned in for the night with his wife and three young children in his modest Las Vegas home, he had no idea that his life would soon take a tragic turn.  His oldest boy awoke […]Read More

Better Business Relationships by Jeffrey Rogers

Lets face it, improving our people or relationship skills is beneficial to everyone unless you plan on moving to a mountaintop and never interacting with the human race again. I doubt you are planning the latter, so let’s see if we can shed some light on mastering people skills. Most of my knowledge comes from […]Read More

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