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Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine Anne Fontaine was born in 1971 to a Brazilian mother and a French‐German father in Rio de Janeiro. Passionate about ecology, she decided to live six months in the Amazonian forest in the northeast of Brazil when she was 17 years old. At the age of 20, she settled down in France for […]Read More


Vasari Vasari has the luxury lifestyle look for women and men that you are looking for with exclusive brands for Her like DVF, JBrand, Alice and Olivia, Young Fabulous & Broke and shoe collections that match! Also pick up your favorite fragrance for your home while there! Vasari is truly Las Vegas’ luxury apparel lifestyle […]Read More

Mario Basner Gallerie

Mario Basner Gallerie Award winning photographer Mario Basner was born in Hamburg, Germany and is renowned for the realism and depth in his photographs. Mario is a purist who intuitively captures the essence of what’s before him. His works provide the viewer with a unique experience, invoking thought and stimulation the senses. Mario always loved […]Read More

The Empty Tank Theory

The Empty Tank Theory By Amy Elizabeth www.missamycakes.com It is often said if you’re attracting unavailable men (or women), it’s usually because you’re unavailable yourself. Attracting these types is perhaps less a sign of our own shortcomings, and more indicative of theirs. What happens beyond attraction is the true reflection of one’s character. When asked, […]Read More

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