1. READER’S CHOICE: All nominations, votes and winners are selected by the readers of MyVegas Magazine.

  2. NOMIMATED FROM THE PUBLIC: Any man is eligible to be nominated into this annual feature and contest. You may nominate a friend. You may nominate yourself.  The earlier the better and will increase your chances for public votes with “early voting”. Nominations have closed.

  3. TOP 100 MEN OF THE YEAR: After nominated, each nominee will be interviewed by MyVegas Staff to be eligible for the Top 100 Men of the Year. There are eight (8) categories of eligibility, chosen during interview.  Once officially signed up and enrolled into the Top 100 Men of the Year, all nominees are now eligible to receive public votes on the MyVegas website at MyVegasMag.com/voteforme.

  4. EACH CONTESTANT FEATURED IN MYVEGAS MAGAZINE: Each contestant shall appear in the Top 100 Men of Success Issue of MyVegas Magazine as a part of this amazing promotion, due out on the streets May 15, 2021.

  5. VOTE ONLINE: Contestants shall have the opportunity to post a picture and profile on the voting page online at MyVegasMag.com/VoteForMe. Pictures and Profiles will be posted as soon as contestants are officially signed up and entered.  Voting is limited to one vote per person/email.

  6. EARLY VOTING: By signing up early, you are now eligible for early voting. As soon as the contestant is signed up, they are posted on the website voting page, to gain early votes.

  7. REGULAR VOTING PERIOD: Regular voting period shall run from April 1, 2021 to 5:00pm on July 30, 2021.

  8. VOTING PROMOTIONAL BANNERS AND TILES: Get MORE votes with our Free “Vote for Me” Promotional Banners and Tiles, available online at: MyVegasMag.com/Banners. Post on your Social Media, Website, and add to your Email Signature to invite your friends to vote for you! All Banners and Tiles will come with a link to the voting page. If you would like, our digital team can create you custom banners free of charge.

  9. WINNER ANNOUNCED: The winner shall be chosen by the Readers of MyVegas Magazine, and the general public, who vote online. Winner with the most votes from authentic and verifiable emails, shall carry the title of MyVegas Magazine “Man of the Year” 2021.  The winner shall be announced August 11, 2021.

  10. GRAND PRIZE: The winner of the Man of the Year contest, shall be awarded a $15,000 Marketing Gift Package from MyVegas Magazine, and an exclusive appearance on Local Live Television with MyVegas Magazine.

  11. EVENT AND PRIZE SPONSORS: If you would like details on how to become an Event or Prize Sponsor, with free publicity, please call our Publisher Mark, at the MyVegas office: 702-792-2378.