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Kyle Decker

My name is Kyle Decker former employee to MYVEGAS Magazine and would like to write this letter thanking Mark Shaffer for giving me my first opportunity working within the local media sector of Las Vegas. Mark has a proven publishing record of 40 years that intrigued my desire to work under him as an ethical and valued individual that is truly admired by the Las Vegas community. He has a giving and helpful hand to everyone and he is a man who extends his life-long education to his team of professionals, who deliver the magazine “for locals by locals”. I would highly recommend a career with MyVegas to anyone that has the motivation to work in media and will say first hand that if you become employed by MYVEGAS Magazine, you will learn quickly, the craft of the media industry. I will say that I do regret departing from MYVEGAS Magazine to join a company I thought would take me to the next level in my career, but found out soon thereafter, that nothing, and no other magazine, can match the quality, ethics, value, and positive energy, that is available at MYVEGAS. They have the tools to take your career to the next level without leaving the company. Mark Shaffer is someone that has the ability and knowledge to groom future leaders and take the publishing scene to higher points than is seen anywhere today. I thank Mark for giving me the opportunity to represent a company that is well respected and allowing me to expand my knowledge and create my own path to success and will always look back at the amazing memories I shared with my MYVEGAS family.
Kyle Decker

Joel Jarvis

Mark is one of the kindest and generous men I have ever met, his willingness to give and pay attention to people’s needs has made me a fan for life!

Reverend Thabiti

I’ve known Mark Shaffer up close and personal for nearly 15 years. He’s always focused, upbeat, hard working, honest and has impeccable integrity. He’s a role model father, grandfather and businessman and truly one of the greatest men I ever met. Over the years we’ve taken family trips and spent holidays together. Those of us who truly know him have no doubt that his unshakable faith is why he devotes each day of his life in service to his family, friends, employees, clients and community. Mark has inspired me to support and get personally involved in a few of the many charitable causes he supports such as 5K Walks in support against bullying. He also had me join him in attending meetings that help people recover, who are struggling with a wide range of addictions from drugs to gambling. Mark Shaffer is forever youthful, playful and loves to cause laughter while being a generous and many times an anonymous philanthropist supporting causes he cares about throughout Las Vegas and the church community. I love, respect and admire him deeply!
Happy Blessings,
Rev. Thabiti

Laura Damian

I have been working for Mark and MYVEGAS Magazine for 3 years now and I am more then grateful for everything I have learned throughout those years. MYVEGAS has a family feel to it, it’s like a second home to me. I love that I can bring my son into the office and he certainly enjoys coming in as well. Great company to work for! Mark is a great boss. Working with MYVEGAS was amazing, from starting off as a personal assistant and working my way up to the general manager there is definitely room for growth here. The office is always upbeat, positive and professional. Couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than working for MYVEGAS. THANK YOU!

Sarah Moninger

I have been employed with MYVEGAS for about a year now, and since the moment I started, I have been learning. MYVEGAS is a small business with a family feel to it, with definite room for growth and encouragement to succeed. Our office team comes from various backgrounds and age groups, and sustains a very positive energy! Mark Shaffer, the owner and publisher, is an exuberant, ethical, and hilarious entrepreneur/business owner with skills in many professional aspects. Working for Mark and MYVEGAS is adapting and learning from mistakes. You will assimilate new skills and strengths everyday, sometimes without even realizing it. MYVEGAS gave me the opportunity to utilize my aptitude and to secure the perfect position for me. If you’d like to grow with not only a company, but as someone in the workforce, this is the place and the boss for you.

Mallory Nathan

Mark Shaffer is a successful entrepreneur and all-around good guy. He is always happy and full of life. Mark is so passionate about his work and he always makes the time to give back. He really cares about the people in his community.

Todd Herod

I’ve known Mark Shaffer for almost three years. He has been a friend, confidant and business associate. He was the first person my wife and I met when we moved here to Las Vegas, NV. He gave us great insight into the our industry here in Las Vegas as well sound advice on how the town works from a business sense. Mark is a very smart business man and have witnessed him create very strong relationships with many vendors in the Las Vegas, NV area including ourselves. He is an intelligent individual and a great leader with business sense and understands the inner workings of marketing a business. His magazine and website have brought success to the business my wife and I established. He is an honest and caring individual who will make for a valuable asset to your company or organization. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
Todd Herod

I met Mark Shaffer many years ago through business and when approached to be an advertiser in his magazine, I did not hesitate to place an advertisement in his first publication. I knew from past experience that Mark was great at marketing and would promote his publication well, which in turn would promote my business. This proved to be true. I have since been a very satisfied advertiser in all of Mark Shaffer’s magazine publications and consider those advertising dollars well spent.
Mikka Moon

Debbie Marcus

Amazing working with My Vegas Magazine for my tanning salon. Mark is a joy and a pleasure always. Him and his team were amazing to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Love MyVegas Magazine!!

Mariana Hartmann

To me MYVEGAS Magazine was the greatest opportunity I could ever have had! Not only for being my first job in the United States, but for also giving me the chance to explore and find my place to be. MYVEGAS Magazine is definitely a business with room for growth! Starting as a Personal Assistant to Mark Shaffer, an awesome person to be around and learn from! And to exert the role as the company’s Webmaster today, I could not have ever asked for a better job! This company gives me a good reason to start my week in a good mood. Always a good place to be with people that really make a difference in my life, like family. Thank you Mark for being such an AMAZING boss and for always having a great mind and heart to overcome all obstacles, not letting any of your employees down. Teaching us something new each and everyday.

I have known Mr. Mark Shaffer for approximately three years both personally and professionally. I currently serve on a non-profit board of directors with Mark, as well as network with him in professional organizations. Mark is a very community minded person and savvy business owner. When Mark is involved he gives 110% of his time, energy and creative talents. Mark’s enthusiasm is contagious and makes those around him step up and be better what they do!
Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE

I have known Mark Shaffer for two years now and during that time I have seen my business grow significantly due to Mark and his magazine. Mark Shaffer is dedicated and he truly cares about all of his clients. All of his advertising opportunities are implemented to help you succeed. I highly recommend working with Mark Shaffer and his team.
Chelsy Cardin

My husband and I have been in business since 1990. We own a few businesses here in Las Vegas. With so many businesses and today’s economy thanks to Mark all of our businesses are growing tremendously. We do keep a close eye on our traffic leads and Mark’s magazine is one of the main keys to our success. Thank you Mark for all you do for the Las Vegas business economy.
Kelly and Evana Hulsey

Christopher C. Chiodo, O.D.

I’ve advertised with My Vegas Magazine for many years now. I find the magazine and owner Mark Shaffer, to be both ethical and well respected within the Las Vegas community. Mark has owned and operated several magazines here. I’ve gained PR and clients from advertising in his magazine. I highly recommend the magazine and Mark as a business outlet and networking tool.

I have known Mark Shaffer for about two years now. Mark helped me grow a successful business when I was a month away from closing down. I signed up with his magazine having no idea what to do. Two days later I called with some questions and was told that if I wanted Mark personally would meet with me for ideas. I was shocked when the owner of the company took time to just sit and talk to me and my partner on how to helps us. Mark had not just told us he was going to help but actually followed through with everything he had said. He has gone far beyond my expectations and has been committed to making me and other professionals like me successful. From my experience Mark has always conducted himself and his business with integrity and professionalism. I have not only built a great business relationship with Mark but also consider him a good friend.

Jim Koonce

When I was the marketing manager at KTNV, I worked with Mark for 12 plus years. He was a great business partner, always looking for win-win situations when we’d partner on a project.

I have enjoyed working with Mr. Shaffer for the past six years, in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as in other select markets. We have been very impressed with Mark’s ability to see a niche and fill it. Everything that he has approached us with has been an innovative idea that has been tackled with vivacious spirit, and our company has assumed the rewards for his efforts, as well as our investment into his marketing strategies. With so many choices facing businesses in terms of marketing, it is tough to decide where to spend. When Mark contacts us with new ideas and marketing solutions, we find ourselves open to his pitch, as historically it has paid off. We endorse Mark Shaffer and his endeavors and look forward to his next adventure, one we will surely be a part of.
Kimberly Vaughan

Chris Phillips

Just wanted to take a minute to thank my good friend, Mark Shaffer for all that he has done for me, my business, my family and our community. I really appreciate the numerous times you have been kind enough to feature Zowie Bowie in your various publications over the past 12 years that I have been living here in Las Vegas. Your friendship and professionalism have made it a pleasure working with you. I wish you continued success with MyVegas Magazine, your talent agency and any other future ventures. Thank you for bringing what’s happening in our great community and acknowledging the hard-working people that live here to the rest of the world.

My name is Kate Johnson. I’ve known Mark for about 15 and a half years, and have worked for him on and off for the last 10 years. We have become more like family than the typical boss, employee relationship. I’ve had dinners at his house with his family. And he’s had dinners at my house with my family. I attend church with him and his family every Sunday. He has been more like a father to me than a boss. I can’t explain how much he has done for me, my children and my family. My Vegas is a great environment to work in. I can really be myself here. And it’s great to have a boss who has a open door policy. That I can come to with my work issues. He actually listens and will sit down and stop at nothing to help me find a solution. And it’s also a big thing that I feel safe working here. I trust Mark not only with my life, but with the life of my children. I first met him when I was a vendor at his bridal expo’s. after being a vendor for about 5 years. I started setting up the shows. Since then I’ve worked my way up in the company and am currently a marketing director for the Magazine. I can honestly say he is a good man, a family man. And a great businessman! I would recommend working here to anyone.

As a business owner I have been dealing with Mark Shaffer for the last four years. I have found him to be trustworthy and very concerned about helping to build my business to maximum potential. I have seen our business prosper even in very bad economic times in Las Vegas and I believe Mark Shaffer and his team has been a large part of our success.
Chris Larotonda

I’ve known Mark Shaffer for three years, and I would consider him not only one of my strongest business relationships, but a true friend. I can attest much of my success with my business marketing to his magazine and the team of professionals that work for Mark. He is always there for me when I need help and is willing to go above and beyond to help me promote my business any chance that he gets. He is the kind of guy who will remember your whole life story after only meeting you once. He is well respected in the local business community and I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with him every day.

Mark Shaffer is an indomitable spirit, a man who makes big promises and keeps them, a middle aged guy with the endless energy and optimism of a five year old, an always busy creator and connector who somehow makes time for anyone in need of mentoring & guidance in business & marketing, he is a teacher, a giver, an uplifting friend, an almost unimaginably positive force, and I can honestly say that no one individual, and no one company has done more to guide my photography career to success than Mark Shaffer.

I have worked in the Las Vegas community, both employed and self employed, for up to 20 years. I met Mark Shaffer more than 10 years ago. I watched Mark grow his profession in this community from inception to current. For as long as we both have been in business I have been a member and advertiser of his magazines. I am proud to say, that Mark Shaffer’s programs and advertisements are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Not only respected highly by myself, but by every other colleague in the industry that I work with. In my professional and personal opinion, Mark Shaffer and his entire professional team, are the best in Las Vegas and I am confident that without his publications and programs that I would not have the volume of lead base or clientele that I currently have. In today’s market, IT’S WHAT COUNTS THE MOST! Many thanks to the success of Mark One Media, you have certainly been the bridge to my own.

Dave Padgett

If you are looking for a way to get your business noticed in the city of Las Vegas, look no further than My Vegas magazine! This magazine truly captures the right balance between old and new Vegas. The layout is clean and easy to read. I have worked with MYVEGAS multiple times when looking to get great placement for my add and they always finds a way to help me stay within my marketing budget. This is a first-class magazine that will get you a great return on your investment! If you want to find market share, call Mark at My Vegas Magazine today!!

Debby Wright

MyVEGAS magazine has been instrumental in bringing our community together for years. They are more than a magazine! If you need help in Las Vegas, from best Doctors to best landscapers, literally A-Z … You can call Marks team and you will experience personal treatment that is not typical in today’s computer look up world..

Isha M Payumo

Working for MyVegas Magazine – and especially Mark Shaffer has been nothing but an opportunity after another opportunity! There is never a dull moment with Mark and he is constantly challenging/motivating me to keep on striving for the best results no matter how hard the task is. I can honestly say I am nothing but excited to keep learning and growing within this company by having his full support and especially the staff around me.

I have known Mark Shaffer in a variety of capacities for many years. My company, currently advertises with his magazine and has for nearly four years. I can vouch that the business we receive from advertising with Mark is genuine. Mark is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with the people in the Las Vegas business industry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Colleen Kestel-Raidmae

Lisa Martin

I have known and worked with Mark Shaffer for approximately four years, working with him closely in advertising our restaurant. Through out our business relationship Mark has been very professional and helpful in doing what ever it takes to help us to make our restaurant succeed, including holding classes and meetings to grow business relationships and coaching to help us obtain our goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Lisa Martin

I was honored to be nominated and accepted as one of the Top 100 Men of Las Vegas several years back and feel privileged to have been accepted in the years since. During this time we have also decided to do some advertising with MyVegas Magazine and the professionalism and expertise of Mark and the staff I have worked with was absolutely wonderful. I have referred them to other friends in business and will continue to thank them for the opportunities they have opened for us and give them our support in the future.

Not only have I advertised with this magazine and seen incredible results but I have and will continue to do business with the publisher who has an extraordinary work ethic and great reputation with the people that I know who know him. If anyone needs a recommendation or more information, please feel free to message me.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Shaffer in a business capacity for over four years now. Mark has been a mentor to me and has provided me with motivation and insight to the marketing industry that can only be matched by his willingness to help myself and my business succeed.
Since I have known Mark, I have known him to be a family man with impeccable values and commitment for his community and his business. Mark has assisted many professionals in getting their career to blossom and is always connecting people in the industry to maximize on their potential.
Mark is a fair business partner and has always followed through on his commitments to myself and my hotel and I will continue to partner up with him and seek his mentorship for years to come.

Cathy S. (Colbert) Wood

I have known Mark Shaffer for two and a half years and worked one-on-one with him multiple times during that time while trying to start my business. He was a wealth of knowledge to me and gave me hours of instruction and helpful advice to improve my business, marketing skills and image. I originally started working with Mark after unsuccessfully trying to start my business for over a year. He mentored me, acted as a business coach and literally helped me more than quadruple my business. At his core, Mark Shaffer is a kind and generous man who reached out to help me when no one else did and he is genuinely concerned about my success. He has the philosophy that by helping one another we all grow in business and life. I only hope that I can pass the knowledge and assistance he has offered me along to other starting entrepreneurs and continue this legacy.
Cathy S. Colbert

Kathy Baldieri, CPCE

Dear Mark,
It is my pleasure to reflect on the business relationship that we have had for several years. You and all of your staff that I have had the pleasure to work with, have been true professionals focused on our success as your clients. I have received and continue to receive valuable leads through my association with your magazine. You do think outside of the box, and that has proven to be beneficial to us.
With Regards,
Kathy Baldieri, CPCE

Allen Shelton

I like the cover and the articles. Especially the one where you included Wendy Shelton as one of the Las Vegas Top 100 Women of Influence. She is a great person with a heart of gold and endearing spirit. She is a perfectionist to a fault and her ambient personality is infectious. All who know her would say the same. Hard worker smart beautiful a wife, a mother and a Christian.

Albert Tabola

Great way to find out about local happenings as well as exposing you business to a valued target audience!

Natalie Calandre Wainwright

Just picked this up at my favorite coffee shop Averys, and love your magazine. Especially the top 100 women of Las Vegas article. You definitely have a new reader.


Mark Shaffer

Publisher & Owner
MyVegas Magazine

I would like to thank all the amazing clients, employees and business partners above, who have taken the time to write about their experience with myself, and my company and offering their kind words. Reviews seem to be the popular way of making judgement on a company these days, so we are proud to display our current and past clients and employees who have made a positive difference in our dream and our business. We work hard for our clients , (we call them diamonds). As we successfully grow with our beautiful collection of diamonds, we are always shooting for 100% satisfaction. You may or may not know that Chocolate has a 96% customer satisfaction rate. At MyVegas, we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. So as we constantly strive to reach 100%, we find comfort every day in knowing, at least we’re better than Chocolate! Thank you for reading this, and please give us your review, on the form above.

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