Mark Shaffer

Publisher & Owner
MyVegas Magazine

I would like to thank all the amazing clients, employees and business partners above, who have taken the time to write about their experience with myself, and my company and offering their kind words. Reviews seem to be the popular way of making judgement on a company these days, so we are proud to display our current and past clients and employees who have made a positive difference in our dream and our business. We work hard for our clients , (we call them diamonds). As we successfully grow with our beautiful collection of diamonds, we are always shooting for 100% satisfaction. You may or may not know that Chocolate has a 96% customer satisfaction rate. At MyVegas, we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. So as we constantly strive to reach 100%, we find comfort every day in knowing, at least we’re better than Chocolate! Thank you for reading this, and please give us your review, on the form above.