Retired Police Officer, Law Firm and Volunteers Head to Underground Tunnels to Help the Homeless

Retired Henderson police officer David Kohlmeier, known for his popular podcast “The Problem Solver” will join forces with the Richard Harris Law Firm and Shine A Light community volunteers on May 1st from 8AM to 4PM as they go into the underground tunnels in Las Vegas to distribute backpacks assembled by employees of the law firm, filled with clothing, food, snacks, water, hygiene items and more. 

Besides helping with necessary items for living day to day, the group will offer important intervention resources to the 1500 plus homeless people living in the tunnels in Las Vegas, and offer opportunities to help them feel safe, gain employment and proper housing, mental health resources, legal issues and more. 

Kohlmeier, a certified crisis intervention team member states “Some of the homeless population are afraid to come out of the tunnels and into society because they may have a warrant or legal issue and are afraid of the police. I’m working with the Richard Harris law firm to get some resolution with their legal issues, so they feel safe to come out of the tunnels.”

 Robert, a community outreach volunteer for Shine A Light community organization formerly lived in the underground tunnels for several years. Now working with Shine A Light, he and his team go into the tunnels almost every weekend distributing supplies and creating relationships that build trust with the homeless and offer help to get them off the streets. 

“Shine A Light is a Freedom Sober Living program that helps the plethora of men and women and children who live in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas. We give out much needed supplies like flashlights and headlamps, AA and AAA batteries, but also offer drug counseling, case management job training and a GED program” says Robert. 

“We want to make Las Vegas see that they can make a difference in the lives of the homeless, that there are ways to give these people resources and hope” says Kohlmeier. 

“Even if we get just one out of the tunnels and back into society, that matters.” 

Shine A Light accepts both financial and material donations:


Leslie LaGuardia

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