Pinball Hall of Fame NOT Leaving Las Vegas


Feb. 23, 2021

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Pinball Hall of Fame NOT Leaving Las Vegas

Efforts of YouTube Channel save the museum.


(Las Vegas) Steven J. Campbell, content creator and host of the YouTube channel NOT Leaving Las Vegas, along with many others’ assistance, has helped save the iconic Pinball Hall of Fame. His efforts, along with the progress of the nonprofit museum, will be reported on Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV Channel 3 during the xx a.m. newscast on Tuesday, Feb. 24, and broadcasting throughout the day.


Steven first visited the iconic Pinball Hall of Fame at its current location on Feb. 13 as possible content for his YouTube channel. When Steven interviewed curator and founder Tim Arnold about the nonprofit museum, Tim spoke about the GoFundMe set up to reach a $200,000 goal for the Pinball Hall of Fame to relocate to the Strip. On that day, the museum was $84,000 short of its goal and was facing closure and a future with no home.


“I follow various YouTube influencers who cover retro video games and technology. I decided to share my interview on my YouTube channel NOT Leaving Las Vegas with them in hopes they’d tell their viewers about the situation to help with donations,” explains Steven.

Shortly after posting the video and working hard to blast it out, over $6,000 in donations was received.

Through their algorithm, YouTube will suggest similar channels to view, and Steven watched a video YouTube suggested. Steven realized the individual involved with the channel (who chooses to remain anonymous) was a massive influence on the entertainment industry having worked directly with the pinball manufacturers extensively throughout the past. Steven emailed the person, and the person responded. After Steven explained what he was doing, he asked the person if he could share the video on his channel.

The person offered to donate the amount needed, and Steven contacted Tim. The offer was legitimate; the donor made a check out to the amount of $79,000. Now the Pinball Hall of Fame is able to relocate to its new location on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip directly across from the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.


Due to the efforts of one YouTube video, with the help of its viewers and one very generous donor, the $200,000 goal was funded entirely, capping off a dizzying chain of events over the course of just 72 hours. This is a story that can only unfold in a town like Las Vegas.



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Steven J. Campbell was urged by friends to create content and host a YouTube channel, NOT Leaving Las Vegas, in 2019. Content includes news, analytics of newscasts, videos about Las Vegas (both on and off the Strip), tips for tourists, and live streams. The channel highlights Las Vegas, showing there is more to the city than five miles of the Las Vegas Strip and one mile of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a real community that comes together to help others.