Making Milestones and Achieving Dreams – Meet Noelle Chiodo

Singer/songwriter Noelle Chiodo (chi-do) begins and ends her days the same way.  

“I have a dream board in my room,” Noelle said. “It’s the first thing I see when I wake up and I always take a second look before I go to sleep so I know that every day I’ve accomplished something that brings me closer to those goals.”  

Among the dreams she has listed includes winning a Grammy and buying her parents their dream house. 

Those may be lofty goals, but Noelle is well on her way toward accomplishing them and more.  

Noelle recently finished recording her self-titled EP. The first single, “Up All Night”, was released April 1, the second single, “Yellow Van”, was released mid June, and her third single is expected to release in August. But that’s not all, the full EP will be released early fall where listeners can expect an addicting mix of pop and soul.  

“People can expect a lot of diversity,” Noelle said. “I think that there’s something for everybody. I have the pop anthem, the urban, let your hair down vibe and I have other songs that represent the soul music I was raised on. People will be surprised.” 

Noelle’s talents go beyond singing. She also plays multiple instruments, and played piano and guitar on her EP.  

The singles are a result of months of work. Noelle wrote and co-produced each song on the EP and she traveled between Las Vegas and Los Angeles to get the five tracks ready and recorded the final vocals at the studio at the Palms, which has seen artists like Celine Dion and Michael Jackson roll through.   

“It’s been a crazy, but amazing experience,” Noelle  said. “I just wanted to make sure I was completely involved with my music, that it sounded the way it did in my head. Some of these songs were songs I’ve had for two years. I was open to experimenting, but I wanted to make sure the songs remained true to me.”  

Noelle’s music is available on all music platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and more. Links can be found at her website, 

The songs are a culmination of years of refining her craft.  

“I started when my parents put me in a singing group when I was eight,” Noelle said. “I started as a little girl with a big dream. I learned more about the industry and I fell more and more in love with every part of it.”  

Noelle learned how to play the piano and guitar along the way and wrote her first song at the age of 12. 

“That will never see the light of day,” Noelle said, laughing. “I self wrote, produced, and released my first original song when i was 14. 

But it wasn’t long after that her talent for song writing began to develop in earnest. 

“It didn’t get good until I was 16,” she said. “That’s when I started living more and feeling more real emotions. A lot of my inspiration and love of music also came from growing up in my home. We had lots of parties and the music that was played would be everything from Soul, Blues, Pop to Latin music. Still to this day when my family has a small or large party there is a lot of diversity in the music and at some point the salsa music will start playing  and before you know it everyone is dancing & singing.  Music and dance are a way for my family to celebrate, it is an expression of  fun & happiness no matter what was going on in life, in that moment they get lost in the music and dance. That’s what music is for people, a way to express themselves whether it be happy, fun, sad or just relaxing.”  

Her influences included a pantheon some of music’s biggest names.  

“Some of my songwriting influences include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Bruno mars & Lady Gaga. Artist that have been an inspiration are Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, Taylor Swift plus so many others. Songwriting and singing are my outlet and have always been my best way of expression. I’m not really good at putting my emotions into words, but give me my piano or guitar, a notepad and pen and I can put it all into a few minutes of melody.” 

During high school, Noelle Chiodo performed at various venues in Las Vegas and she minored in music production at UNLV.  

“It’s amazing,Noelle said. “Whenever I’m performing, it’s a high. I’m on cloud nine. It’s hard to explain it, but it’s the best feeling in the world.”  

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To be at this moment marks a big milestone for Noelle, but she knows this isn’t the destination. It’s the launching point toward something much bigger.  

“There’s so much more to accomplish,” Chiodo said. “There’s so much more to do.”  


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